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A Creative Thought

Just finished mowing my yard, edging, trimming, the whole works. Good aerobic, couple of hours exercise for a 70-year-old male, in the Texas humid 85-degree heat. Far better that the 100 plus degree days we were having.

I am now re-hydrating with a bottle of orange G-Ade thirst quencher and have turned on the computer in my air-conditioned home office, checking emails and making sure the earth is still revolving. Don’t want to miss the eclipse in eleven days or so… The propaganda machine (TV) says it is a first full eclipse in the USA in 99 years but that is BS. Maybe the first […] Continue reading » A Creative Thought

Business as Usual

I get so involved with my workshop blog (THMSBlog) and working in my shop, I don’t spend a lot of time making additions to Ramblin’ Dan. I try to keep the work shop talk out of here, but sometimes I just should make some comments.

I run a world wide internet based business offering small machine shop tools and parts. About half my customers are outside the USA. That means I do a lot of export and filling out of customs forms. That’s lots of paperwork. If you have never been there you can see the link to The Hobbyist Machine Store in the right side column of this […] Continue reading » Business as Usual

My First Computer

Mk1A – My 1st Computer

Not much here in Ramblin’ Dan for awhile. It’s Easter at last so I will take a bit of a pause and look at what has been happening around me. I am still a working stiff and admittedly I have been working a bit stiffer every year. The PN keeps whittling away at my flexibility and mobility but I keep on “Keeping On”.

I think the physical slowdown just makes me more aware of finding the best use for what skills I do have. Technology is my existence. I love machine shop work so I am concentrating on automation […] Continue reading » My First Computer

Around My Digital Office

I have been doing some writing here in Ramblin’ Dan but haven’t been sharing many pictures. I guess it is easier to write than take the photos. The fact is writing about things like computer file servers isn’t very photogenic. The beauty is how it works, not how it looks.

I am adding a replacement for my old HP Scanjet IIc color scanner. I bought the Scanjet about 18 years ago. It still works just fine but HP stopped listing it on their website and it needs a SCCSI port to interface with the computer. The SCCSI is no longer supported by drivers for WIN7. So now I must run […] Continue reading » Around My Digital Office

A World Economy

I received an email from outside the USA written by a reader of my store site. Probably a reader of my other e-sites too, but he didn’t say. He was not a customer of mine but was seeking information on something I might have in stock.

He had purchased an imported machine tool (to his country) from a source other than me, of a particular brand name I offer. He also ordered some accessories listed as the same brand name for the machine.

When he received one of the accessory products, it was apparently damaged by extremely rough handling. I did view a picture he sent me of the damage […] Continue reading » A World Economy