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A World Economy

I received an email from outside the USA written by a reader of my store site. Probably a reader of my other e-sites too, but he didn’t say. He was not a customer of mine but was seeking information on something I might have in stock.

He had purchased an imported machine tool (to his country) from a source other than me, of a particular brand name I offer. He also ordered some accessories listed as the same brand name for the machine.

When he received one of the accessory products, it was apparently damaged by extremely rough handling. I did view a picture he sent me of the damage […] Continue reading » A World Economy


The excessive Texas heat and humidity here in North Texas area have kept me pretty well out of my workshop. I can spend a few hours there with the fans blowing but then I want to escape to the air conditioning. The heat ~100 degrees is not too bad when the humidity is low, but we have been getting Houston like weather for a few weeks. Year 2010’s first hurricane Alex was a big part of the moisture problem. No wind here, but a lot of spin-off rain. The yard is doing fine!

Another problem is the CNC computers are not cooling well when shop temperatures are 100 […] Continue reading » Humid

Sweet Success

I have been spending time working in my garage workshop. What I was doing there was solving some problems with my home built CNC router machine I call the HB2. I estimate I have run it for close to 80 hours which means many dozens of carving projects have already been produced. After all this operation, tiny flaws reveal they can cause serious problems. The machine began breaking down!

I have always enjoyed working on complex mechanical and electrical devices. It is something I have always done. So tuning up the HB2 was a chance to solve some technical electrical and mechanical problems and while doing so, learn a lot […] Continue reading » Sweet Success

Making It Exact

Check out this URL in my THMShop blog:

I just finished installing a Digital Read Out (DRO) on my machine shop milling machine. The link to my other blog will tell you how to see the four page report and the about 80 pictures I took when I installed the DRO.

This device will alow me to perform accurate machining much easier than before. A DRO has been state-of-the-art in manual machine tools for years.

All Geared Up

I sell machine gears from a web store that I own and operate. It is called The Hobbyist Machine Store. The gears that I sell are for two very popular machine tools called a mini-lathe and a mini-mill. There have been tens of thousands of these machine sold all over the world. The one major flaw they have are some plastic gears in the drive train.

I supply replacement steal gears for the plastic ones. The plastic usually get broke when users push the machine harder than they should. The machine are designed for a price […] Continue reading » All Geared Up