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What has happened to honor? It seems a lot of boys and girls don’t know what that means these days. I can’t call them men and women even when they are old enough. There are adults who have never matured into people with honor. Those who have no clue, think honor is only a military phrase.

Honor is taught (or used to be) in the military at all levels. Especially embedded into officer training. But “Honor ” is now a seldom heard catch phrase in the civilian world. Some current politicians and especially a few juvenile Olympic athletes are unaware of the meaning nor have a clue it applies […] Continue reading » Honor

Don’t Do This!

I was restocking the fridge with some diet Dr. Pepper. I grabbed a warm twelve pack from the pantry. Many times I like to open the box like a can dispenser. All the makers of these packs perforate one end so this can be accomplished.

However, it is at least for me extreamly difficult to get the perforations to break properly. Most of the time I end up tearing the complete end of the box away. The bottom section is supposed to remain attached to act like a can stop.

I was struggling as usual so I had the brainstorm of using a paring knife to help break the perforations. […] Continue reading » Don’t Do This!

Tooth and Concequences

I went to my dentist for a normal PROPHY, his code word for teeth cleaning and inspection. It seemed fairly normal, except it was time to get them blasted with X-rays. New tool has no film. Just a digital sensor I bite on as the oral hygienist zaps me with the ray gun.

At the end of the cleaning the doc comes in to inspect my bright and shiny chompers, and takes a look at the new X-Rays. Well golly it looks like I have a chipped filling I need fixed. (Probably from biting on the X-Ray gizmo I’m facetiously thinking.) No problem he says. He […] Continue reading » Tooth and Concequences

Camera Pro?

I am not a “professional” photographer. Professional means earning a living through photography. The title does not automatically indicate the “quality” of the photographs produced are any better than the “amateur” photographer can create.

There is an implication that to be a “professional” one must be an excellent photographer since someone is willing to pay for your work. That is not true. Let me make this comparison:

There are many “professional” race car drivers and “professional” golfers. After the “leader board” there is still a whole bunch of “also ran” that did or perhaps did not finish the contest. They are still professionals are they not? For awhile anyway… They […] Continue reading » Camera Pro?

A World in Balance

I have spent most of the weekend updating my business accounting software. I had been running a 2008 version of Peachtree Complete and am now running 2013 QuickBooks Premier.

I don’t think I want to get into a blow by blow comparison of the two products. Both products are highly motivated to say they are the one and only savior of my business with the ultimate accounting solution either built in or available at additional cost. The nature of the beasts.

In my opinion either one can get the job done as a necessary evil. It’s actually amazing how something so complex as a business accounting package can be sold […] Continue reading » A World in Balance