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Going Green

My employer Schneider Electric has picked a new location for our Dallas, Texas area office. Actually we are now in Carrollton, TX but are slated to move to a new facility in Coppell, TX which is the next town west of our present location.

The lease is up where we are and Schneider wants to “walk the talk” in a much “greener” building than we presently live. So they are starting from the ground up. They are not painting it green. Green is a term for low energy use and sustainable design. Also in the vernacular is the term “Low Carbon Footprint”. That’s a core of our business […] Continue reading » Going Green

Baboons Need PTO

I watched a program about stress last night. It was one of those things you watch where you see yourself being described and it makes you pay attention. The funny part was it was a story created about a hippie professor and his life long study of stress in baboons. There is a joke there somewhere… but I swear I did watch the movie. It is a National Geographic special.

The timing is good. My spouse is away for a few weeks in Oregon and other points north west and I decided to take a long July 4th […] Continue reading » Baboons Need PTO

Just Fix IT!

I just spent 15 working days in solving a problem at work that had to do with email routing. That’s about 24 calendar days. Something that had been working perfectly for years suddenly stopped delivering email.

It was all caused by human intervention into a system that has become highly fragmented when we became a part of a global business giant and having to work with their old but dominate email systems.

These email systems and routings have become so complex and as I stated fragmented, that no one person can understand the complete system at a high enough resolution to be a single source expert on fixing what goes […] Continue reading » Just Fix IT!

Life is Good


First a little computer update. If I believed in a jinx I wouldn’t post this but since I don’t…

All my electronics seem to be running fine AND the storms have gone away (for awhile). All is peaceful in the Kautz communications center here in Texas.

My Linux box is running perfectly with its’ new Fedora 17 OS. I am enjoying re-discovering how well I can do most daily work with just a free Linux operating system. The real usefulness of any computer is the programs it can run. Linux is no slouch and I notice old favorites like Firefox (browser) and Gimp (Photo & graphic editor) are more […] Continue reading » Life is Good

Getting Down to Business

After I got all my tax work done, I was feeling so good that I tackled getting my The Hobbyist Machine Store (THMS) bookkeeping in first class condition. I worked on that second most favorite thing to do (next to doing the taxes) until bedtime last night. I got it finished.

I had the end of year (2011) balanced, closed and reports printed as needed for taxes, but I had let the first quarter of 2012 slide by without doing serious month end work. I can get by with that since my little business is a sole proprietor with no employees. The bookkeeping is accrual but THMS pretty much runs […] Continue reading » Getting Down to Business