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Bad Science

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The public knowledge is being overrun and polluted by bad science in the name of entertainment. I am seeing it everywhere and although I can recognize it for what it is, I believe there may be a great number of people, especially our developing youth who don’t recognize it.

The entertainment almost always starts out with a “what if?” or “perhaps” and then a “maybe then…” The producers are very careful to not say what they are about to present has any truth or scientific method proof. Then it is a license for the imagination to run wild as a form of entertainment.

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A Spin on Fast Time

Fast Time

What’s wrong with our scientific community these days? They have become so wrapped up in wild theory and supposition, none of the “what if” troops are paying any attention to the real stuff. You know, the things that affect human life today.

For me it is Fast Time. At least that is what I call it.

In an age where EVERY storm with a thunder clap in it is reported as severe, I have become numb to caring about minor things like climate change. It’s going to happen. It always does. Let’s get real. Too much time spent on that. Its obvious it […] Continue reading » A Spin on Fast Time

Don’t Do This!

I was restocking the fridge with some diet Dr. Pepper. I grabbed a warm twelve pack from the pantry. Many times I like to open the box like a can dispenser. All the makers of these packs perforate one end so this can be accomplished.

However, it is at least for me extreamly difficult to get the perforations to break properly. Most of the time I end up tearing the complete end of the box away. The bottom section is supposed to remain attached to act like a can stop.

I was struggling as usual so I had the brainstorm of using a paring knife to help break the perforations. […] Continue reading » Don’t Do This!


I am beginning a new and what may become strong passion for an artistic form of metalworking sometimes referred to as “metalsmithing”. This is far from the machine shop form of metal work I normally do. I have long known artistic metalsmithing existed but denied myself any interest, as it was a fancy-smancy jeweler’s trade.

I have found out it is far more interesting and creative than boring holes in a block of aluminum. Well… that is actually creative in its own way.

I have just ordered two “bibles” that define just about every artistic metalworking process. Jewelry: Concepts And Technology by Oppi Untracht and Complete […] Continue reading » Metalsmithing

This is Only a Test

Somehow we have survived again. I am referring to the nationwide test of the emergency broadcasting system that happened at 1:00 PM CST (local) here. It was supposed to shutdown or interrupt all radio and TV broadcasting in the USA for about 3 minutes. The concern was that some folks would think it was some kind of real thing.

Little fear, but they would have had a real panic if they shutdown the Internet (or Facebook) for that long. Probably no one notice the interruption in the old broadcast (radio wave) system. With X radio (satellite) and cable taking its place.

There was a quarter mile wide asteroid that came […] Continue reading » This is Only a Test