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Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 did a total update to my computer a couple of days ago. The process took over an hour and a half and I have a 50 MB cable internet connection. I assume it was a total update as it had to reboot several times and it took a long time “setting things up”

At first I thought Win10 had broken a lot of my programs but what happens is it takes a long time to open a program for the first time. After an initial slow start, all programs were very fast in opening. The new OS update must include a start-up cache for programs. Whatever, it is […] Continue reading » Windows 10 Update


I reloaded Chrome on my Win 10 computer and all seems well for now. I use none of the Google services as all I am interested in is a fast browser that works simply as a browser. Google is one of those companies that wants to own and control my on line computer experience and in the meantime acquire as much personal information about me and my habits as possible. No thanks Google, Yahoo, FB, Microsoft, AOL and any other data mining operation out there trying to “help” me. I can do very well for myself, thank you.

If that sounds radical or fanatical, it isn’t. I […] Continue reading » Slackware?

Computer Takeover

Originally posted in Facebook…

Google Chrome (in Windows 10) browser just exploded in my face with a malware takeover attempt. Blue error page and a very loud female voice repeating a verbal warning. I took NO “Click Here” action presented on screen. All other functions were locked. Pushed computer OFF button to a stone cold dead shutdown. Reboot took some time but malware warning was gone. Immediately deleted Google Chrome and DID NOT permit Google Chrome in message popup to, “Permit Google Chrome to make alterations to this computer.”

I seem to be back in control but am hesitant in re-installing Google Chrome. Windows Explorer and Firefox are running normal. […] Continue reading » Computer Takeover

KautzCraft Move

KautzCraft website made a flawless move yesterday. I used Amazon Web Service (AWS), aka “The Cloud” when I performed the previous software update to KautzCraft. My web ecommerce store, Ramblin’ Dan’s Store. is also hosted on that service provider on a separate “instance” or server.

I used AWS as mostly an educational experience. I am proud to say it was totally successful in operation as well as a learning experience. The RDS web store works great too, when I renew and install the SSL secure access properly. (An “oops” mentioned in a previous post.)

The only issue with AWS is it […] Continue reading » KautzCraft Move

Thunderbird Email Issues (Fixed?)

I standardized on Mozilla Thunderbird email because I check email on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux machines. When first installed about 6 months ago, everything seemed to be working just fine. I filter all my many email accounts through which has a great implementation of IMAP/SMTP and also a wonderful email spam filter.

Then Thunderbird started doing the stumble-bumbling trick, of playing dead for minutes at a time. It would just sit there in a comatose state. It was actually locking up the complete computer. CTL-Alt-Delete was needed to escape. It began happening more and more often.

At first I thought it might […] Continue reading » Thunderbird Email Issues (Fixed?)