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Experience 70

My 70th birthday is in a few days. I used to think that was old age. Now I know it is. But that’s OK of course, as it beats not getting or being there. Time and age advance with nothing I can do about it,

I notice I complain more about the things I cannot control. That’s a privilege of age and should use it wisely. I am going to have to pay attention and not abuse it (too much). Far better for me to work on the things I can change. That means by what I actually take action and do.

I like the tangible. Planning […] Continue reading » Experience 70



What has happened to honor? It seems a lot of boys and girls don’t know what that means these days. I can’t call them men and women even when they are old enough. There are adults who have never matured into people with honor. Those who have no clue, think honor is only a military phrase.

Honor is taught (or used to be) in the military at all levels. Especially embedded into officer training. But “Honor ” is now a seldom heard catch phrase in the civilian world. Some current politicians and especially a few juvenile Olympic athletes are unaware of the meaning nor have a clue it applies […] Continue reading » Honor


I was going to say, “I hate to complain” but then I realized that wasn’t true. Sometimes I love to complain. Complaining is the motivator for change. The problem is to complain and then do nothing more. I think a complaint should be a personal call to action. I am talking about my complaints which by their very nature of being mine, are perfectly justified. I can’t claim that about OPC (other peoples complaints)…

I have personally discovered that there are almost always an alternative for the things that annoy me. I don’t always want or like the alternative, but I know it exists. Its like complaining […] Continue reading » Complaining

Making The Numbers

The right answer?

I just read a thought provoking short article about learning. It was written rather critical about how poorly the USA education system works today. Being short it presented a vague generalization of the situation. But to me it seemed disturbingly probable. It stated how education today is missing the goal of teaching how to think. The goal today is to teach results and provide the answers so no child is left behind. It’s no longer how to play the game. The score by any means is what is now most important.

I am not the person to make or confirm that […] Continue reading » Making The Numbers

Privacy Opinion

This is an unimpassioned observation, not a rant… 🙂

We American people and certainly the folks in all foreign lands have totally surrendered our privacy to social sharing and government scrutiny. I am aware that everything I do today is being recorded into massive electronic databases for present known and future unknown exploitation.

Every public and internet purchase I make using credit cards is stored and examined for information about my habits. This includes every tank of gas or gallon of milk. Cash purchases in stores, which I seldom do these days, is stored as video data.

The very worse privacy killer is anything connected to the internet. Widows 10 […] Continue reading » Privacy Opinion