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3D Printing Stuff

Recent printed items.

I started doing 3D printing because it was something creative I could do in my air-conditioned home office. The price of the equipment and materials had become affordable. I had no idea I people would want to purchase the stuff I could make.

I became aware of the process many years ago, probably in a “new technology” report I read somewhere. The facts are sketchy as I did not assign a high priority to being able to do it myself someday. I remember being fascinated by the slicing / layering process and thinking, “Of course!”

The cost was far too prohibitive, […] Continue reading » 3D Printing Stuff

The Spirit of Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From the perspective of an artist, working with hand tools provides a direct connection between an idea of form developed in the brain and the expression of that form in a tangible creation produced through muscle control. Using this concept, the bare hands are also considered a tool.

The topic here is hand tools but extending the idea a bit further, any part of the human anatomy can be a tool. For example, a finger nail can be a scraper.

There is a distinct dividing of hand tools between powered and non-powered. The importance of this division is often a subject of debate […] Continue reading » The Spirit of Hand Tools

Skill or Tools?

I just finished some cruising on the web looking at what metal-smiths were doing from all over the USA and the world. What I saw was a wonderful selection and variety of items being skillfully produced. It was a portfolio full of “let my imagination run wild” opportunities for creative expression.

There is so much variety in metal crafting that with me starting as a retirement age practitioner, I know I can never in my remaining lifetime try everything I have seen. Even if I had started as a young man it would not be possible. I’d like so much to practice everything I saw, but my […] Continue reading » Skill or Tools?

Planned Obsolescence


I have a very nice DeWalt battery powered drill model DW929K2 that I have been using for ten years. The model number is superfluous after ten years. DeWalt has probably created and sold over a hundred new models since then.

My problem is the two 18 volt ni-cad battery packs that it came with are now in their final days. One won’t charge at all. I consider that no shame after all this time. The shame is the drill itself is still in great working condition.

So what to do? I went to the DeWalt web site and looked up the battery model DW9098. They show me a […] Continue reading » Planned Obsolescence