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Stopping Windows 10 Random Update and Re-boots

Another Windows 10 rant. I am getting very tired of writing these…


Early last evening, I started a 5 hour 3D printing project running on my workshop windows 10 OS computer. I had downloaded the print (.stl) file from my network server. I forgot to disconnect the LAN cable to isolate the computer from the network after I finished the download. The disconnect process is a slight PITA.

After I make sure the first layer of the print has gone down well, I usually walk away to do other things. There is no reason to stare at a running […] Continue reading » Stopping Windows 10 Random Update and Re-boots

Back to Linux (Again)

It was all I could stand, I could stand no more. I just returned my ASUS EeePC net-book back to the Linux operating system. Actually I have installed XUBUNTU which is a special flavor of the standard UBUNTU distro.

If you look back in this blog it can be determined I allowed this little net-book (I am using it now) to upgrade itself to WINDOWS 10 home edition. Sadly, Win 10 is not a good choice for the wimpy 1.7 MHz Atom processor in the net-book.

Win 10 was completely thrashing the hard drive and the processor cooling fan. The fan was constantly running on its highest speeds. Performance was […] Continue reading » Back to Linux (Again)

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a cloud file sharing system for Linux Ubuntu. I have been using it for several years, maybe longer. It syncs files between several computers I have that are running Linux Ubuntu. For me it has functioned flawlessly. I only used a tiny portion of the available 5G free space in Ubuntu One. No need to purchase additional.

Ubuntu One was expanding into compatibility with all the major operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

Therein I assume resides the problem. Nothing in this world is really free. But Ubuntu and Ubuntu One are. Ubuntu just announced they will be shutting down Ubuntu One in June this […] Continue reading » Ubuntu One

Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu just updated to version 13.10 so I updated “Sandbox” and my little Netbook to this new version. The updates went flawlessly with nary a hiccough on either machine.

I don’t see any difference at the user level interface and in a way that’s OK with me. There was nothing wrong I could detect in the older version (13.0). This is just their standard sequence of progressive update releases. I grabbed a screen shot off Sandbox and included with this post.

As I have been saying for some time now, I am impressed on how well […] Continue reading » Ubuntu 13.10

Coming Up to Speed

I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes with my new install of Ubuntu Linux. I don’t have any benchmarks to run a test but computer response appears to be a bit snappier or quicker than I was experiencing with Fedora. It is basically the same software with a little different packaging so I don’t quite understand why. I did change the way the partitions are created. In Fedora I had variable size partitions. I could now be getting better response to the hard drive(s) with the older style fixed partitioning. Most people might not even notice. Or… it could be a figment of my imagination.

I just […] Continue reading » Coming Up to Speed