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July 4th Photography

I was just sitting on my rear porch playing with my 2yr old Sony NEX-5 camera. I had put a lens adapter on it and connected my Minolta 100-200mm telephoto lens.1:4.5 (22) lens. On the Nex-5 it is equivalent to a 150-300 lens on a 35mm camera. Nothing special as far as subject, just the usual Egret, Mallards, and Russian Geese. The lens is manual focus in this situation.

Far side of lake is about 200 feet away.

Many of the shots are at ISO 6400, yes really at around f20 and 1/1000 second. Later shots near the end are ISO 400 f8 and 1/400 sec. From the camera they […] Continue reading » July 4th Photography

Ramblin’ Dan’s Gallery

I just put up a new photo gallery attached to RamblinDan. The URL is I had another gallery located at (also a sub-domain of this blog’s URL) for many years but the spammers found out they could post comments so I had to make a change. No more comments. The old URL now links to the new.

I created the original photo gallery just so I could post the pictures I took over ten years ago while working (for seven months) in Anchorage, Alaska. They were referenced by a posting […] Continue reading » Ramblin’ Dan’s Gallery

Stop. Watch. Love.

I saw this video (Made here in Dallas by Element X Creative) and I just have to share. This is far more than a model train video although it seems to start that way. It’s called: Stop. Watch. Love. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, pay attention to all the subtle (maybe not so subtle) advertising promotion in the scenery. You need to “watch” this a dozen times!

Larry the Cable Guy

Time Warner Cable pulled a fast one a few months ago. I have been using their cable service or their predecessor’s service since I moved into the house. I just had the basic cable plan (no cable box) but could get a few scattered HD channels that were paired alongside the standard definition versions. Also with the high numbered digital channels available on the new TV sets above the old broadcast group (the low numbers) I had some HD scattered in up there. All was well enough for me.

Then some marketing guru at Time Warner decided to move the HD channels to some 3 digit far away unreachable domain […] Continue reading » Larry the Cable Guy

Big Shot

No rest for the wicked this weekend. A neighbor lady on our little lake community was given a surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday. I was assigned the job to do the videotaping. That is one of the hazards of having a prosumer Panasonic video camera. The spouse will always volunteer you for community service. Ha!

I spent Saturday morning checking out all the gear and getting batteries charged and so forth. My large lithium battery just died at the worst time. I put a replacement on order. I do have a smaller one (the original […] Continue reading » Big Shot