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Big Shot

No rest for the wicked this weekend. A neighbor lady on our little lake community was given a surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday. I was assigned the job to do the videotaping. That is one of the hazards of having a prosumer Panasonic video camera. The spouse will always volunteer you for community service. Ha!

I spent Saturday morning checking out all the gear and getting batteries charged and so forth. My large lithium battery just died at the worst time. I put a replacement on order. I do have a smaller one (the original […] Continue reading » Big Shot

Flying Model Aircraft

I am involved with a few hobbies that are under federal regulation. These include Amateur Radio and recreational aircraft flying. I suppose I could include automobile driving too, but that isn’t a hobby… or maybe it is? These activities existed before there were governmental controls. I only mention that bit of history because it is important to know how government controls are intended to maintain order out of developing chaos. These regulated activities owe their creation and existence to private citizens freely experimenting with the science involved. They took theory and turned it into a functional resource so effective, it required social regulation.

I have loved flying since a very […] Continue reading » Flying Model Aircraft

That’s Entertainment?

I have always considered the world of Television Entertainment a huge wasteland with the occasional islands of value. It has never exceeded that expectation for me.

It is not that I don’t watch it, I do. Many times I am left wondering why.

I remember “Pay TV” when it was first promoted was to be the saving relief from advertising. I’ll bet, at least for anyone who has the capability of reading this, the really “free” over the air TV is long gone. As a kid we had three stations, two on VHF and one on UHF. Those are terms for radio frequency bands, probably unknown by most viewers […] Continue reading » That’s Entertainment?

Visual Digital Communication

I have been running a lot of little side business to keep myself out of the bars and awake late into the night. I closed one of them last year as I always seem to have too many irons in the fire. That was my TEDatum Publishing where I was making restored photo albums from old picture collections. It was very labor intensive editing hundreds of customer low quality photos into presentable coffee table style photo books.

I can still do that work but I discovered it wasn’t worth the effort. The mission is worthy but to be successful as a side business, it needs to be much […] Continue reading » Visual Digital Communication

iPad FLASHback

I have still not seen any evidence that Apple will release specifics to Adobe to allow them or anyone to develop an Adobe FLASH viewer for the iPhone or the soon to be released iPad. Many web sites use Adobe FLASH for animating their sites.

Check your iPhone if you have one. No FLASH animation as well as several other video modes that don’t work, like in Facebook. Grrrr…

I mentioned this defect in the previous blog about the iPad. I mention it again as IMHO this is a serious defect by Apple since the iPad is touted to be the ultimate casual web browser.

I get […] Continue reading » iPad FLASHback