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September 18th

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I looked out my window this morning and […] Continue reading » September 18th

The ROBOAT Project

I am toying with an idea. Toy may be appropriate but there is a lot of engineering nerdy-ness involved. That’s right down my alley. Brace yourself for the following toy hobby nerd-speak.

My vision is to turn a remote control type model boat into a robotically controlled model boat. They are both remotely controlled but the robot boat can and will have a lot more interesting things it can perform when underway, or even in port if we want to get into the details. For simplicity I will mostly use the term boat for any water craft including model ships.

The hobby of scale model boats has long been the […] Continue reading » The ROBOAT Project

My Cup Runeth Over

My Cup Runneth Over

This is a Christmas present from my daughter and her fiance. It is an overflowing pot of water. A little electric pump in the base keeps the flow going. Is has taken just over five months to get it flowing. Here is proof that it works.

The trickling water through the rocks is supposed to have a calming effect. You just have to be sure you have an empty bladder before trying to relax. Otherwise your mind is likely to be on other things than relaxing.

This is one of the first pictures taken with my new Alpha NEX-5 […] Continue reading » My Cup Runeth Over