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Hurricane Irma

How much can you say about a natural phenomenon like weather? Not enough it seems if you are a news channel. It certainly gives the media something to do when it is bad weather. It’s good they are doing their duty. It IS important.

However, weather prediction is not an accurate science. It’s an educated guess, mostly. That’s why there are dozens of “tracks” where a storm like Irma MAY be going to travel. But the storm is not paying attention to those predictions.

When there is a dangerous situation, people must make decisions. In the case of Irma, it is a stay or flee choice. […] Continue reading » Hurricane Irma

A Spin on Fast Time

Fast Time

What’s wrong with our scientific community these days? They have become so wrapped up in wild theory and supposition, none of the “what if” troops are paying any attention to the real stuff. You know, the things that affect human life today.

For me it is Fast Time. At least that is what I call it.

In an age where EVERY storm with a thunder clap in it is reported as severe, I have become numb to caring about minor things like climate change. It’s going to happen. It always does. Let’s get real. Too much time spent on that. Its obvious it […] Continue reading » A Spin on Fast Time

Tessa in Rain

Not even a rainy Mother’s Day can dim the spirit of youth. Her mother said, “OK!” all the rest was spontaneous Tessa.

Weather Bugged

Here in Texas and in a lot of other places these days we all get severe weather. The job of the weather person is to try to scare the bejesus out of me in their reporting. Every storm is now “potentially dangerous” and is going to rip the roof of my house off or cause dangerous flooding. It’s like I have never lived through a storm and have no idea where I am living, like low lying ground.

I noticed when I was 10 years old all the old farm houses (Ohio) are built on high ground. Farm animal poop and rain water run downhill away from the house. […] Continue reading » Weather Bugged

The Pasture

It has been weather peaceful here in Frisco for about a week. The severe rain turned into peaceful soaking rain for a day or so. Now it is just HOT again. That’s Texas.

I got the grass mowed in the “north 40” yesterday (Saturday) as it was in need of semi serious attention. It was very green and a bit overgrown. I mulch mow so I don’t like to work with wet or tall grass. All is good now.

Gloria is going to soon start collecting retirement so I guess that means she is officially retired this month. I don’t think it is going to change her life much. We […] Continue reading » The Pasture