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KautzCraft studio

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I have a new start-up business named KautzCraft Studio. I just added permanent links to the left hand column of this blog. We also have a page on Facebook. Visit either site to see my art!

I have been producing very nice cast silver jewelry using the Lost […] Continue reading » KautzCraft studio

Computer Takeover

Originally posted in Facebook…

Google Chrome (in Windows 10) browser just exploded in my face with a malware takeover attempt. Blue error page and a very loud female voice repeating a verbal warning. I took NO “Click Here” action presented on screen. All other functions were locked. Pushed computer OFF button to a stone cold dead shutdown. Reboot took some time but malware warning was gone. Immediately deleted Google Chrome and DID NOT permit Google Chrome in message popup to, “Permit Google Chrome to make alterations to this computer.”

I seem to be back in control but am hesitant in re-installing Google Chrome. Windows Explorer and Firefox are running normal. […] Continue reading » Computer Takeover

Dimensional Art Musing

I just did something because I can. I added a new URL address to my “Dimensional Art Org“ website. It was just because I liked the name and perhaps for other tangible reasons. The following URL will now take you to Dimensional Art Org:

The definition of “tangible”

: easily seen or recognized : able to be touched or felt

This term fits well with the reason I coined the name “Dimensional Art Org” for my website. “tangible” works for me for exactly the same as “dimensional”. I am trying to express as simply as possible that my artistic desire […] Continue reading » Dimensional Art Musing

KautzCraft Move

KautzCraft website made a flawless move yesterday. I used Amazon Web Service (AWS), aka “The Cloud” when I performed the previous software update to KautzCraft. My web ecommerce store, Ramblin’ Dan’s Store. is also hosted on that service provider on a separate “instance” or server.

I used AWS as mostly an educational experience. I am proud to say it was totally successful in operation as well as a learning experience. The RDS web store works great too, when I renew and install the SSL secure access properly. (An “oops” mentioned in a previous post.)

The only issue with AWS is it […] Continue reading » KautzCraft Move

Trouble In Paradise

My Ramblin’ Dan’s Store is hosted on the AWS cloud server. Paradise is sometimes imagined as somewhere up in the clouds.

My trouble was SSL certificate that encodes and decodes all communication between my store server and my customers had expired. I knew it was coming so I had purchased a new certificate well over a month ago. I thought I had installed it properly but I had not.

The store site stopped working and was warning everyone who looked at it that it was not secure and might be an impostor trying to fake out users. Serious wrong news. It even scared me!

Turns out I […] Continue reading » Trouble In Paradise