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The Spirit of Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From the perspective of an artist, working with hand tools provides a direct connection between an idea of form developed in the brain and the expression of that form in a tangible creation produced through muscle control. Using this concept, the bare hands are also considered a tool.

The topic here is hand tools but extending the idea a bit further, any part of the human anatomy can be a tool. For example, a finger nail can be a scraper.

There is a distinct dividing of hand tools between powered and non-powered. The importance of this division is often a subject of debate […] Continue reading » The Spirit of Hand Tools

Restoration Project

I am working on a new project. My wife Gloria dragged home a beat up antique piano stool (quite) a few months ago and said, “Here, restore this…” Ha! Little realizing I wouldn’t make it top priority. Well, maybe she did, as she knows me too well.

So today I took a look at it and decided now or never. I proceeded to test the surface finish which was absolutely horrendous and noted all the cracks and flaws. Yep, it was going to have to be a total teardown and rebuild.

It is very old so I was certain it was put together with hide glue. It is. That means […] Continue reading » Restoration Project

Shop Project

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The project is a low, slide out work bench. I just finished the build and install stages of creating this new work bench for my shop. Actually it is a work bench attachment that added a low level work area to my old large workbench. I posted the video above to You Tube to show how it works.

[…] Continue reading » Shop Project

Niagara Falls ?!

Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch.

I remember this being said in a Three Stooges short movie whenever the words “Niagara Falls” was mentioned. I assumed (when I was a kid) it was a famous quote from a […] Continue reading » Niagara Falls ?!

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

[…] Continue reading » Barking Up The Wrong Tree