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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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The Coonskin

I posted this picture of a couple of FRISCO signs I made last weekend over in my Dimensional Art blog. These were made on my home made HB2 CNC router using Vectric Aspire software and a few other computer control programs. Jump over to both links and take a look. I can do everything shown in the Vectric web site.


I just spent two days at the Vectric Users meeting over by the DFW airport here in Dallas. Vectric produces several CNC designer products (I have them all) but their premiere product Aspire (especially) is the creatived software I use the most to design and create the complex forms I machine with my HB2 router machine. The results are the Lithophanes, carved wood signs, 3-D sculptures and 2-D components I make on my machines.

I discovered I am fairly competent with the operation of the programs but no way near expert (yet) 🙂 The two day session shared a lot of information from the creators of […] Continue reading » Vectric

Some Call It Art

I have posted a new blog to display my creative output. Here is the URL :

This will not be a “how-to” effort like my other websites. I intend to limit it to the display of the end product of my creative and artistic efforts. My plans include items I will make for sale and perhaps take request for custom work. It will be like a low key merchant site. Then again, it will be mostly a show off site. 🙂

I have experimented with some e-commerce plug-ins and they will work. I don’t think that feature will be turned on any time soon but it is good […] Continue reading » Some Call It Art

Sick Acorns

Here is something different. I have a pin oak tree in my front yard that has been raised from an acorn. This is a cluster of acorns on that tree that have some kind of disease. My son Steven and I were looking at several clusters like this so he took this picture. Nice shot Steve.

He had just come off the roof of my house and I had given him his mom’s camera to take pictures of any lighting damage. None was found. Back safely on terra firma, I showed him these acorns. I […] Continue reading » Sick Acorns