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SEO Search Engine Optimization

There are a bunch of Bozo’s (the clown) who think being first in a search engine review, to make the top of the list in a search. is the most important objective in writing a blog. They pound me with Spam posts and emails to “help” me obtain that superior status.

Guess what? I have no intention or need to style my writing to a bunch of cockamamie format rules because some search engine will give it a high “score”. I am also certainly not looking for assistance to do so.

I don’t know what they (the Bozo’s) hope to obtain by “helping” me style my format […] Continue reading » SEO Search Engine Optimization

You Want to Build a Web-Site?

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I received several emails from a fella named Peter Vukcevic. He works for a company Called First Site Guide.

His first email pointed out a broken URL link in one of my numerous blog sites. Websites change and URLs do go bad from time to time. I ask that when they are found for folks to please send me an email so I can get it repaired. Peter […] Continue reading » You Want to Build a Web-Site?

OneNote Saving Story

I usually don’t write directly to my blogs. Editing live online within a web page has some danger. I have lost considerable work from touching the wrong key and having everything disappear from the screen. I forget the golden rule in computers which is to save constantly.

I usually use Word or OpenOffice to write my posts. They work fine but are a far more powerful tool than required. I have rediscovered an MS Office tool called OneNote. It provides a host of organizing information features and centers around a simple text editing engine. The power is it can save multiple types of files in grouped […] Continue reading » OneNote Saving Story

Dimensional Art Musing

I just did something because I can. I added a new URL address to my “Dimensional Art Org“ website. It was just because I liked the name and perhaps for other tangible reasons. The following URL will now take you to Dimensional Art Org:

The definition of “tangible”

: easily seen or recognized : able to be touched or felt

This term fits well with the reason I coined the name “Dimensional Art Org” for my website. “tangible” works for me for exactly the same as “dimensional”. I am trying to express as simply as possible that my artistic desire […] Continue reading » Dimensional Art Musing

Office Suite Alternatives

Now that I am retired I have moved away from needing “real” MS Office suite tools. I do have MS Office 365 installed on my home “office” computer but I also have two equivalent “suites” of office software available.

I am NOT doing any bashing. I like MS Office and they have a free on line Writer version in Windows Essentials. But it only runs in the Windows operating system. I use my Linux box about 50% of my time.

The one I am using now is called LibreOffice. It is available for Windows, Linux and OSx computer operating systems. I am using it on […] Continue reading » Office Suite Alternatives