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Ain’t Broke!

Many people believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet.

I often say or think the first line. I almost forgot the come-back.

Many engineers are tasked with taking something that isn’t broke and make it cheaper to produce and no better than it needs to be. It’s call “planned obsolescence” when the need is determined to be designed-in failure. In the case of the light bulb, there was a light bulb engineering collusion that occurred on December 23, 1924, that decided the lighting industry needed to have a replacement market for their bulbs. So, failure became a design-in criterion.

The template that creates the look of this website has not been updated for many years. I made a recommendation to a friend to consider using the same template for a new Blog he was considering. He looked up the template and he mentioned there were no new updates for some time.

I thought for a few seconds, maybe micro-seconds, and said, “If it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need fixin’.”

There is also a saying that goes, “Why spoil a good thing?”

I have a model 4S Apple iPhone, released in October 2011. That makes it just over 7 years old. The “S” stands for Siri, its first appearance. It also marked the death of Steve Jobs, the day after it was released. (Trivia, to prove my “old hardware” point.)

The 4S still does all I need a mobile phone to do. I like its small size. It ain’t broke. But the upgrade market is trying very hard to create that illusion. I am a bit like Gibbs, on the NCIS TV program. I have a Motorola flip phone in my drawer, I would love to put back in service.

All I really need is a phone. Well, I don’t actually “need” a phone, but the convenience is like being on drugs. It hurts to give them up. I compared my old iPhone to the old website template.

My friend (with the new website) commented I must have saved $1000 a year not upgrading to every new model. He might be correct. There is a reason for my madness…

Changing Fonts

The first day of a brand new year, 2019, today and a strange thing happened to one of my websites. The fonts changed.

I use a program called Artisteer to produce the template that creates the design of the website. The fonts and many other details are saved in a form called a Cascading Style Sheet (CCS). There is apparently a trigger buried or has been hacked into the CCS. This first day of 2019, the script style text fonts in one site changed to Russian or Cyrillic fonts.

Actually, the site displayed a normal Arial style font, but the page was created with a flowing script font. It’s worked (displayed) fine for many years. What I first noticed was the text was too wide for the column it was in. Then I noticed the script was gone.

I went to the Artisteer program and that’s where I see the font I had been using now displays in some weird Cyrillic-looking format. I had to close the window to bottom bar then reopen the window for the fonts to change. I had to change the template to a non-script font that wasn’t changing.

I can only see the effect and I have no real idea why this is occurring. Apparently, there is a date coded trigger in the font file. All I can see is the effect, not the reason. It’s a hack from somewhere…

It seems there is always a new surprise from the internet spoilers…

SSL Website Encryption

One of the reasons I moved to InMotion as my website server provider is they included FREE SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for every domain I add to my account. There are nice technical reasons why they can do this, but I won’t get into the details here.

There are two reasons I wanted to add this feature to my websites. First is the eCommerce (store) sites I use to run a KautzCraft Studio Store , where I offer mostly my silver work and Ramblin’ Dan’s Store, where I offer Taig machine tools for sale.

The second reason is that today’s browsers make everyone feel insecure with the browser’s built-in […] Continue reading » SSL Website Encryption

Getting’ A Move On!

This ”Ramblin Dan” blog and about 15 other of my websites have moved (physically changed servers) from the US East Coast to the US West Coast. I not giving exact locations as I consider that information should remain confidential.

It’s not secret, but I don’t want to endorse my choices. Ask, and I will tell, and you can decide if my choices would be good or bad for you. For me, I had to make the change.

My previous ISP website server provider was not a choice I made. I have written about the grief they gave me here in Ramblin Dan. Initially they were […] Continue reading » Getting’ A Move On!

Broken Threads

Emails that are like a conversation and are exchanged back and forth, with each participant adding their comments above or below existing text is called threading. It lets each participant read the complete conversation as parts are added.

That threading on my email servers was broken without my knowledge. I was responding to friends and customers as I usually do by adding my text and pushing reply.

Customers were telling me they were not hearing back from me, but there was no indication of undelivered email. No bounce, nothing. Most of my send / received email was working just fine.

I had trouble with my email about the first […] Continue reading » Broken Threads