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Kenny Keyboard

I tease the family with examples of how my (our) Frisco home is haunted with mysterious light reflections and apparitions appearing within the house. Of course, I believe none of that is real haunting. It’s just normal visible phenomena that could alternatively be explained using the same creepy format of all the “bad science” programs shown as popular entertainment on video media channels.

Bad Science is a rant for another time. Let me just say, fake science and science fiction is at an all-time high. Creating an all-time low in real science.

Back to my story…

Wife Gloria is away on a “Quilting Sewing Retreat”. It’s a type of sewing club camp-out where (mostly ladies) have an excuse to get together for a big pajama/sewing party without their spouses. It’s really a good thing. Like-interest bonding and fellowship. I support it 100%

So, I decide I can expand on my personal “home alone” side of this retreat. I now have lots of quiet time for my interests. I can play on “Kenny Keyboard” all day long. (Gloria’s pet name for my computer entry activities.)

But soon I felt perhaps, just maybe… I wasn’t “home alone” …

I quickly grabbed a video camera shot of myself at the keyboard. There I was! Completely beside myself! OMG!!!

Maybe that’s Kenny!



Bad Skinny

My world of “science” knowledge sources seems to be filled with a minimum eighty percent bad information. In the Navy we called it “bad skinny” I had a hard time finding this term on the internet until I defined it as “the skinny”. Many examples can be found when you ask properly.

That is a part of the problem. Knowing how to ask a proper question to get the proper information. 

Also common. Asking questions that only fit the answers expected. Shaping facts to fit preconcieved notions. All bad science. 

But this is far from the real problem.

The world hears more expressed opinions rather than facts. So much so, that most people don’t know the difference. Sargent Joe Friday (Dragnet and Badge 714) used to say, “All we want are the facts. Ma’am.” What most people offer is an opinion.

Opinions can be based on facts. But often not based on ALL the facts. That is why they are called opinions. Some non-science extrapolations are really opinions based on a limited set of available clues rather than compete factual evidence.

The Neanderthal is an example. What is printed about them is almost entirely speculative. Based on insufficient evidence. A stereotype has been promulgated as fact. This one example is filled with “thoughts”  speculation and vague educated guesses. In my opinion (also not fact) perhaps simply an educated but wild imagination, trying to present pseudoscience speculation as fact. An entire extinct culture guessed, from a few bones and flint chips found in caves.

Another prime example of this the elephant being examined by several blind men.

Eyewitness reports are not good “factual evidence”. The human mind and memory records impressions, not facts. Seeing is believing is a personal truth but not necessarily an irrefutable fact. Today it has been realized that eyewitness reports are seldom reliable as absolute hard facts. Example: The video playback now common during professional sports showing bad calls.

News reports seldom present straight facts. That’s deemed too boring, but I think it is because there is always an “agenda” or “spin” applied so fact reporting becomes commentary. Commentary is an opinion of interpreted facts. Perhaps it is true. Humans can not handle the truth in pure form. Everything must be interpreted. How many times have you listened to a presidential “State of the Union” address, then the “reporters” spend another hour telling us what the president “really” said? That is really an editorial commentary.

I could rant-on, but it is somewhat pointless. I have expressed my opinion; from the way I see things. Your experience may vary and be different. That previous sentence is an often stated “escape clause.”

Just the facts, Ma’am…

Excessive/Aggressive Marketing Semantics

The Hermitage – No advertising!

When is marketing/advertising excessive?  Every day is the correct answer.

Every external world contact activity is crammed with marketing propaganda to make people dissatisfied with their present condition. It’s gone far beyond creating simple product/services awareness.

How we look, how we smell, what we own, how we are educated, everything we are “missing” in life! It is never ending pressure to trade our financial resources (spendable present and future incomes) for what we must have NOW!

In a previous life (before retirement) I was a DMA (Dealer Marketing Advisor) My job was to help our corporate dealer (agents) market and sell our […] Continue reading » Excessive/Aggressive Marketing Semantics

February Weather was Tough

Not MY home… Thank goodness!

Good thing February is a short 28-day month, and this is not a leap year. We will have to see if March is a lion or a lamb on Monday.

There should not be another sub-zero weather event this year. Spring comes early for Texas so am hoping that holds true for 2021.

We had no property damage from the Texas Power Grid Fiasco. We are very lucky. The only reason and words we can use.

 Texas State Authorities are being examined for the extreme short-sightedness of state energy management and I am certain the blame will follow many paths, political as […] Continue reading » February Weather was Tough

Presidents’ Day Texas Power Outage 2021

Infrequent zero-degree Fahrenheit Texas Winter weather brought the Texas power grid to its wobbly knees. My home in Frisco, Texas (just North of Dallas) suffered a 36-hour continuous total outage with zero (0 F.) degree outdoor temperatures.

My home is total electric (100%) with no other energy source. When indoor temperature dropped to 50 degrees F. we were forced to abandon home. I was in total panic of water system freeze and extreme property water damage due to frozen water pipes.

Faucets were left dripping but no assurance of the home not going below 32 degrees for an extended period and total water freeze occurring. This would severely damage […] Continue reading » Presidents’ Day Texas Power Outage 2021