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The Hobbyist Blog on Joomla 4

Just created a new personal blog-site with the URL (THB)

The initial purpose of the new blog is to provide a test platform using the new Joomla 4 CMS (Content Management System). One of my computer operating interests (hobbies) is creating and operating more than a dozen other blog websites along with this one. 

I have many Joomla3 blogs in operation. The new version 4 and its primary template “Cassiopeia” are similar but quite different than Version 3. I tried to upgrade one of my V3 sites to V4 with disastrous results. 

Total recovery was possible as I made new and full backup of all files and database. This failed upgrade proved I needed a start-from-scratch blog-site if I want to “master” Joomla 4. THB was thus born.

This blog is operating with WordPress. My sites are almost evenly split between Joomla and WordPress. I still have a few pure HTML websites as well. Hey! It’s my hobby.

This RD-org blog has been in constant operation for 15 years. I am shifting any new hobby-activity posts I occasionally place here, over to the new THB website. Just because I can. Old posts will remain here. Of course, I also maintain many single-hobby, specific blogs. I know… it confuses me sometimes where to post.

Personal blogs let me master the admin processes used in the more PURPOSEFUL high-traffic websites I manage without experimenting. A personal blog is the perfect training ground.

The new THB website will take on the new hobbyist material from this point, other than this post. It needs fed more content.

This site will always remain accessible. Since you have read this far, please bookmark ~RD

No Screams Allowed

Done screaming… For now <grin>

My cure is to spend less time in from of the mass-media servers. They have all become nothing but extreme brain-washing marketing machines. Advertising is certainly more than 50 percent of the content of commercial audio/video entertainment.

I like to turn off commercial entertainment of all kinds and fill the free time thus created with creative imagination and tangible creative effort. I find “making stuff” far more entertaining and rewarding than enduring brain-rot from commercial media advertising sources.

‘Nuff about the evils of media…

I am nearly age 75, retired from my engineering and management career. Where I once enjoyed extreme creative power spending millions of dollars on project material, resources, and labor. Using other people’s money. The enjoyment of total control and responsibility producing tangible results for our customers and fulfilling large corporate goals.

My creative enjoyment today is to spend that kind of time and effort with my many hobbies. Unfortunately, not spending the same funding.  I focus my personal thoughts, feel the toil of my hands, and relish the results of my work.

What I produce today is almost 100% my effort from concept to end. I say “almost” as I am open to creative suggestions and requests.

Most recently I decided to design and produce a new silver finger ring using only hand tools. Meaning no CAD/CAM/CNC. 

Nothing wrong with automation, but on this project I wanted to go back to 100% hand-made.

Within 48 hours I went from the idea, to a slab of blue wax, to a hand carved ring, then lost wax silver casting. to the ring on my finger. 

What never existed and was simply a thought in my mind, is now a Sterling silver ring on my right hand.

This is the amazing power of human creative ability to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist and create a tangible result.

Could be something as common as baking a loaf a bread to building a machine to land a human on the moon.

Think it, plan how to do it, gather resources, do it, examine results. Repeat as necessary.

As long as I can continue that process, I will continue to have a purpose and enjoy the fruits of my effort. 

YES, I Could…

I am so annoyed by intense pro-active repetitive marketing…



A friend and I are having a chat discussion on the merits of a “tactile” or mechanical click keyboard over the now conventional laptop low force silent type. These are stand alone bluetooth and not laptop built-in.

In particular, the comparison is the tactile KB, a Keychron K2 and the Logitech K800 “soft” style. Both brands produce many variations and we are not micro-dissecting the variation within a brand. Just the keyboard action styles.

I am not a super-fanatic about either style.


Presently, the keyboards here are all the Logitech brand and are soft or quite […] Continue reading » Keyboards

My 3D Junque Factory

Not MY Plastic!

I have taken a serious look at hobbyist level 3D printing. Two kinds of hobbyists. The ones tinkering with the hardware and software (firmware) still stuck in the RepRap phase (and loving it!) – building a “better” machine that can build itself. The other hobbyist is the plastic Junque maker (like me) printing tons of plastic on Chinese made hardware. 

No US manufacturer of 3D printers can really compete (in price) in the base hobbyist market with US made hardware. Printing Hobby Junque doesn’t make sense using a $2500 to $10,000+ commercial US machine.

Perhaps a few deep pockets may go there.

As a […] Continue reading » My 3D Junque Factory