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Carveco = Vectric?

I received an email a few days ago from a software company named “Carveco”. It was an introduction and an offer to pre-invest in CAD software that replaces a product called ArtCAM. I had not realized that Autodesk had shut down ArtCAM last year. It appears they sold out to this Carveco group. ArtCAM was pretty much the top level program for 2.5 D CAD/CAM in sign making, wood carving, and what I do in my jewelry design. It’s like the super-set of Vectric Aspire

I chose Vectric Aspire because back in the day it was the low-cost alternative. Not true today. Aspire is now around the $2K purchase level.

This Carveco software, like Aspire is not a 3D CAD. But it does artsy things not possible in typical 3D CAD. So, it compliments.

If I were a rich man (tweedle-tweedle-tweedle-dee) {Fiddler on the roof} this looks like the time to jump into this software… BUT it has no track record. It’s like investing in a bootstrap start-up business, which is exactly what it is. I also don’t need to maintain two similar applications.

I always suspected Aspire may share some code with ArtCAM and (now) these Carveco boys. There are many similar features that work the same. And they are both based in England. I needed to see how close together they are located. Could it be the Vectric folks formed this group when ArtCAM was fading?

They are quite close to each other. Outside Birmingham between Worchester and Coventry.

Click on map to expand. 

This is only supposition, totally my investigation into what could be an obvious advantage to Vectric or… very close competition. ArtCAM was always praised as superior to Aspire. However, Aspire has a very strong and loyal user community including myself.

I sent an email to Vectric Ltd, as I feel certain I am not the only Customer who has noted the close relationship.

Here is the reply from Daniel Swatton at Vectric Ltd.:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the email.

There is no relationship between the two other than Vectric was started by ex ArtCAM employees back in 2006 – hence the close proximity of the two companies.

CarveCo. was also started by recent ex ArtCAM employees but is not related to Vectric in any way

Thanks for the contact.

Kind Regards DAN

Vectric Ltd | Precision House| 2 Arden Road
Alcester | Warwickshire | B49 6HN | United Kingdom

A Camera for MAC

Added a camera to the MACmini. 

macOS is intended to work with iSight camera built into the Apple screens and laptops. So sometimes it can be problematic adding a USB camera to the Apple Operating System. 

I have a Logitech 9000 pro, a rather older edition in the Logitech camera line. I did some on-line research and Logitech says no drivers are necessary for the latest macOS.

I plugged the camera in the one of the USB3 ports in the back of the MAC. The camera could not be found. I checked through the probable causes on the Logitech site.

One of them was using a USB3 connection. Hmmm that all I have. BUT I do have a USB3 extender HUB added to the MAC . A TP-Link , 7 USB3 port, powered HUB with 2 extra power  ports. 

Logitech says the use from a HUB could be a problem. I had nothing to loose so I switched the camera to one of the HUB ports. The camera was immediately recognized and working perfectly. I noted it was listed as USB camera #2. So there must be a USB port (#1) reserved for the iSight camera when it can be found. 

I don’t care about what port is used, so all is fine with me.

This is the first picture captured from the new vision system. The sound input (microphone) is also working perfectly. I was able to place a FaceTime call with no problems. FaceTime auto-cropped to my head/body to reduce band-width. So many “smarts” built -in! 

Computer Needs

I am about “computered” out for now. I added a couple of SBC (Single Board Computers) running the Linux operating system and a new Apple MAC mini with of course the macOS operating system to my computer collection.

The SBC micro computers will go into stasis for a while. Presently there is no real need or application for them. They were a nice diversion and an interesting experiment. Every bit real computers but limited in total performance.

The MAC mini is a full house personal computer. Every bit as powerful and useful as any other Internet capable computer I own. It is the equal to the PC’s […] Continue reading » Computer Needs

Big MAC Update

MACmini under the monitor.

This new MAC mini is the first macOS I have experienced on a decent speed, 3.6GHz quad core processor. I mentioned elsewhere my first (now 14-year-old) mini was designed by Apple to be a low-end low performer so it wouldn’t compete on an equal basis with the rest of the Apple product line. It has the original Apple “PowerPC” G4 1.42 GHz processor, 167 Mhz bus.

Performance is as fast as most low-end laptop computers of the time, so it was a good but certainly not a speedy machine. At the time, I though it was just fine for my needs.

The […] Continue reading » Big MAC Update

Taking Control – MAC mini

I have been around the block a few times. I know my way fairly well. There are options along the way that can be controlled. Many things exist on the journey of which I have no control. Sometimes I try change, then discover some things are best if left alone. If it is serious, then the tactic may be to avoid, rather than attempt change. A detour is a good strategy.

Wisdom is knowing what can be changed and what needs to be avoided. Wisdom is also knowing that just because you can affect change, doesn’t mean you have to. Change can have a good effect, a bad […] Continue reading » Taking Control – MAC mini