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Free Software for Movie Making

It’s obvious I get a lot of enjoyment about playing around in Linux. I see I can use it in many ways that were not possible when I first got interested in what Linux could do. In those early days I just wanted something to run packet radio BBS for my ham station. A friend of mine Fred Sole WB8LVP got me into early Slackware distro’s (Slackware is still alive and kicking) as he was using it for the packet BBS he had running. Wow! Everything was legally free to use…

I just made a video using nothing but the free tools available in today’s Linux. I created […] Continue reading » Free Software for Movie Making

Big Shot

No rest for the wicked this weekend. A neighbor lady on our little lake community was given a surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday. I was assigned the job to do the videotaping. That is one of the hazards of having a prosumer Panasonic video camera. The spouse will always volunteer you for community service. Ha!

I spent Saturday morning checking out all the gear and getting batteries charged and so forth. My large lithium battery just died at the worst time. I put a replacement on order. I do have a smaller one (the original […] Continue reading » Big Shot