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Texas Hots

I haven’t been able to adjust to the hot Texas weather this year. I am not sure why but it just seems excessively excessive this summer. It really wasn’t a record temperature setter but the humidity must be up. It’s not like Houston and I am thankful of that. I don’t know how those folks down there stand the humidity from the Gulf.

It could be my age but we don’t like to think about that. Air conditioning does make it bearable in the house but my favorite home working space, my garage shop, is not conditioned. I did not spend a lot of time out there this summer.

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Benched Wax

Wax Carving Bench

I received a new jeweler’s bench last night. My intent is to use it for my wax carving work within the air conditioned environment of my home office. It is usually termed “a beginner’s bench” because of its low cost and only three drawers. I think it is perfect for my special or single purpose use.

If I had the space I would have a bench for every special purpose. I almost have that now within my shop. I have to keep at least one bench as general purpose and now that general purpose bench doesn’t have to be cleaned up for […] Continue reading » Benched Wax

Hot Serving Cart

I just posted a report about this cart over in The Hobbyist Workshop website. It is going to become a useful tool when I begin casting non ferrous metals using the lost wax process I and my daughter took a course last fall to discover how wax carving and lost wax casting is done. I will soon be doing it here in my shop.

I will have a vacuum casting table setting on the hard surface plate seen on the left here. Watch for more articles on the subject as they pop up in the “The Hobbyist Workshop” RSS feed in the right hand column of this […] Continue reading » Hot Serving Cart

A Hot Box

Paragon E-12T

This is a new addition to my workshop. It is a high temperature (2250 degrees) kiln that I intend to put to a lot of good use. It’s a Paragon E-12T with a rather fancy programmable controller for precision heat control.

My main intention is to use it for lost wax mold making but with its heat range there are many other arts and crafts application I will be trying. It’s not big enough for serious (large) pottery and that kind of kiln work but it will do small items of any type. I guess that could be called serious 😉

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Planned Obsolescence


I have a very nice DeWalt battery powered drill model DW929K2 that I have been using for ten years. The model number is superfluous after ten years. DeWalt has probably created and sold over a hundred new models since then.

My problem is the two 18 volt ni-cad battery packs that it came with are now in their final days. One won’t charge at all. I consider that no shame after all this time. The shame is the drill itself is still in great working condition.

So what to do? I went to the DeWalt web site and looked up the battery model DW9098. They show me a […] Continue reading » Planned Obsolescence