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Ain’t Broke!

Many people believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet.

I often say or think the first line. I almost forgot the come-back.

Many engineers are tasked with taking something that isn’t broke and make it cheaper to produce and no better than it needs to be. It’s call “planned obsolescence” when the need is determined to be designed-in failure. In the case of the light bulb, there was a light bulb engineering collusion that occurred on December 23, 1924, that decided the lighting industry needed to have a replacement market […] Continue reading » Ain’t Broke!

The Science of Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting requires a knowledge of the why and how of proper behavior or operation. I don’t troubleshoot human problems as their how and why is very complex. I do enjoy troubleshooting things mechanical because machines don’t involve emotion in their operation. At least not yet.

Controls have been my specialty for most of my life. The last part of my working career was managing construction projects involving building (the structural kind) energy management systems and making sure they operated as intended. It required intimate knowledge of the why and how mechanical systems operate.

The ability for humans to operate complex systems (operators) and the ability to troubleshoot complex systems […] Continue reading » The Science of Troubleshooting

Spider Bite?

I put a question mark on the title as I have no proof of a bite other than the symptoms. Proof requires a sighting and better yet, capture of the little critter. The pictures are a bit graphic. Don’t click to enlarge if it bothers you…  🙂

I like Dr. Pepper and now drink mostly the diet version. It helped me loose 35 pounds. We bought a large case of 36 cans in one box. I put a dozen cans in the fridge. The rest of the case went into the food closet (pantry).

The diet DP was defective. It tasted like pure unflavored soda water. It was either over […] Continue reading » Spider Bite?

Is the Fat Lady Singing?

Just when you think it is over… it is not quite. Hopefully I can stop talking about Site5 and all the foibles. My issues may be over, but I have a friend I have been mentoring on setting up Joomla websites. I encouraged him to install with the former ISP I was using before we knew of the move to Site5. So, I am somewhat responsible to him.

His website(s) were moved on Friday, two days ago, to Site5. Of course, they were broken from the move. We both use registrars (but different ones) outside of our ISP. I do that because it makes moving websites much cleaner and […] Continue reading » Is the Fat Lady Singing?

Website ISP Propaganda

I call misinformation disguised within a planned marketing effort, propaganda. The formal definition is, “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

All media in the United States has become a competition. So, they have become propagandists, rather than true reporters. It has become so dominate in our culture, most people younger than myself are desensitized by the constant exposure, they freely accept the spin on the truth. Fact is now replaced by opinion which is broadcast by medias as fact. Media now invents the news, without concern for truth.

Independent thinking and judging in every […] Continue reading » Website ISP Propaganda