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Carveco = Vectric?

I received an email a few days ago from a software company named β€œCarveco”. It was an introduction and an offer to pre-invest in CAD software that replaces a product called ArtCAM. I had not realized that Autodesk had shut down ArtCAM last year. It appears they sold out to this Carveco group. ArtCAM was pretty much the top level program for 2.5 D CAD/CAM in sign making, wood carving, and what I do in my jewelry design. It’s like the super-set of Vectric Aspire

I chose Vectric Aspire because back in the day […] Continue reading » Carveco = Vectric?

The Coonskin

I posted this picture of a couple of FRISCO signs I made last weekend over in my Dimensional Art blog. These were made on my home made HB2 CNC router using Vectric Aspire software and a few other computer control programs. Jump over to both links and take a look. I can do everything shown in the Vectric web site.


I just spent two days at the Vectric Users meeting over by the DFW airport here in Dallas. Vectric produces several CNC designer products (I have them all) but their premiere product Aspire (especially) is the creatived software I use the most to design and create the complex forms I machine with my HB2 router machine. The results are the Lithophanes, carved wood signs, 3-D sculptures and 2-D components I make on my machines.

I discovered I am fairly competent with the operation of the programs but no way near expert (yet) πŸ™‚ The two day session shared a lot of information from the creators of […] Continue reading » Vectric

Tessa’s 1st Year Present

I made my granddaughter’s first year birthday present. You can see it here in the picture. It is one of the first projects to be totally finished after being carved on my home made HB2, 3-D router.

I thought about making this when she was first born, a year ago. But the HB2 was still in the design stages. I did think at the time this was the sort of thing that would be perfect as a project.

Everything including Tessa is homemade in this project. πŸ™‚ I don’t take full credit for Tessa… maybe 25% of her […] Continue reading » Tessa’s 1st Year Present

Machining in Wood

Want to see how this was made? Follow this link to my machine shop, click on “Sawdust” at the right end of the menu line and select “Vectric Cut3D” from the drop down menu. I made it myself today (Sunday).