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Artist? Well… sort of.

My machining interest now includes CNC routing of signs and 3D deep relief carvings. Mainly because I can sit in front of a computer and create the “art” then let the machine tools do all the work. Well, most of the work. My CMT (nerve disorder) makes standing for long periods very uncomfortable. In the shop the high stool gets a lot of use to relieve the standing. On the machinist side, I like design/creating the CNC machine itself. On the wood worker side, I like the results. I also get off on building the electronics. It is all my interests rolled into one. This helps […] Continue reading » Artist

Santa Three

Yes, I am still carving and hand painting. Here is (Sleepy) Santa #3. I am getting a bit better (I think) with each new face. I also decided to play around with Photo Shop and do a cool background edit for this picture. The face is nearly the same size as the other carvings I have posted here.

The background wasn’t really staged for this shot. It is the mantle in the living room. I just walked up and fired off a few close shots with the Sony digital. This Santa is leaning against a very colorful glass Santa like the old fashioned glass tree ornaments… only much larger. So […] Continue reading » Santa Three

Miniature Bullet Holes

Is there a penalty for using air powered high speed turbine rotary tool in woodcarving? Yes there is… I found it. It makes me want to do something that is not so dangerous. Dangerous he says? Yes-sir-re-bob, it is dangerous!

I simply dropped the air powered hand piece into my lap once when it wasn’t running. The tiny burr in the business end impaled into my upper thigh and the air hose helped hold it in the vertical position. It looked like a paring knife stabbed into a potato. That trick left a nice penetration wound in my right leg. I think I said “darn”. A leather apron is a […] Continue reading » Miniature Bullet Holes

‘Tis The Season

This is my second carving of the Christmas Santa’s. This fellow has a fancier beard. The picture to the right is the finished and painted carving. It looks like it is a part of the page. (It’s the one in the middle!) You can can see I made it a bit bigger than the pattern. The second picture is the same background and was made just after I finished the wood carving work. I wasn’t real happy with the beard lines in the Santa with Christmas Tree carving so for this one I connected up the high speed rotary carving tool I bought last year. It was perfect for carving […] Continue reading » ‘Tis The Season

Santa Carving Painted

Here is my Santa carving after the paint job. Perhaps not the greatest work of art but I don’t think too bad for a first attempt. That just means there is a lot of room to get better.

I want you to note there are no gaping wounds in my left hand. I know what you are thinking… at least not any that Dan is showing. Well, I did come through OK so I have no fear of starting the next project.

I did discover there is as much work in the painting as there is in the carving. I now have a better idea what I can do […] Continue reading » Santa Carving Painted