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Taxes Filed

There is nothing I dread more than filing my taxes, so the feeling of getting them over and done is a wonderful sense of relief. It doesn’t matter if I owe or can claim a refund. It’s the concern if I have collected and safely preserved the mountain of paper “evidence” randomly sent to me in the mail for the previous three months. The complexity of the process, if your working-for-a-living  life is anything but “plain vanilla”, is a sure indication it is a process created by a government bureaucracy.

I’ll put the rant aside. It just feels so good to pass the exam and move on to better things. […] Continue reading » Taxes Filed

The Evil Empire is Here

The “Star Wars” fantasy evil empire exists. Not exactly in the form presented in the movies. The evil empire has the sign “WWW”. Yes, the World Wide Web and the internet data system. The epic battle scenes are in cyberspace rather than outer space.

On the surface, the empire presents itself to most people as a doer of much good. But it also has a very dark side. A very, very dark side. There is no privacy permitted to the citizens. Only for its own needs.

There is an active war going on in cyber space. The rebellion is trying to regain privacy for the people, but the Empire […] Continue reading » The Evil Empire is Here

Slay the Dragon?

I’m glad the cell phone problem is over. Too many problems and strange things are going on in the world today. I think most of the serious problems are created by how easy it is to grab a moment of fame. Everyone wants to star in a viral video as if that was some ultimate goal and purpose in life. Anger always gets top billing.

Perhaps even my post about the cell phone added a bit to that. My intent was to show that sometimes perseverance and slow to anger can overcome difficulty. As Dragnet once boasted, the names were changed (or not used) to protect the innocent. I […] Continue reading » Slay the Dragon?

Computer Monitor

I replaced my deceased monitor with a new state-of-the-art Acer B286HK high definition wide screen. It is a 28 inch diagonal UHD 4K2K type with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. That’s a lot of pixels!

The monitor is the lowest cost 4K monitor I could find on today’s market. I actually found it on sale at a local Micro Center computer store in Dallas at $120 less than I could find it on any of the internet suppliers. It was a limited time price so I had to act before the sale was over. I had three days remaining.

I am completely satisfied with my […] Continue reading » Computer Monitor

Ode to a Broken Window

Not just broken, it’s dead. It my 24 inch flat screen 244T Samsung monitor. Goodbye old tool, you served me well. One of the only electronic devices in my home office that survived the lightning strike on June 29, 2009. Seven more years isn’t too bad.

The monitor was born… err… made in January 2006 so it is just over 10 years old. It was one of the best in its day but as anything electronic, there have been a lot of technology improvements. But still it provided a first class picture for my needs for a decade. After all, it’s just a tool.

[…] Continue reading » Ode to a Broken Window