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Monkey Wrench

This was a day to remember. I thought PayPal (PP) had thrown a monkey wrench into my ecommerce Ramblin’ Dan’s Store. PP actually did toss the wrench, but I was able to get it out of the gears before it did too much damage.

Here’s what went down. I opened a new PP account last fall when I changed my ecommerce store name from The Hobbyist Machine Store (THMS) to Ramblin’ Dan’s Store (RDS). What that did was remove eight years of excellent credit history from the PP record. Actually the old record is still there but attached to the old PP account.

All was going fine with the […] Continue reading » Monkey Wrench

A Really Big Byte

I launched off into exploring the “cloud” as well as trying to understand a new piece of software and discover how it needed to be set up. What I really did was take a very big byte (bite) of new learning experience.

I have been running a crash course on how to set up a web server in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud. First let me say I picked AWS from several good options as frankly, they provide a years’ free access for their smallest server. Plus I get to play with all the “big boy” toys that go along with AWS.

I am but a little drip […] Continue reading » A Really Big Byte

THMS Store Name Change

I have determined I will have to spend a lot more time developing the new store website to get it to where I want it to be. It’s not like I haven’t been planning this change-over carefully before the old store got caught up in DOS attacks. It has just happened a lot sooner than expected. The old website is again operational, and I have put it back on-line..

It WAS NOT damaged in any way so it will work as it has always worked. It was simply excessive outside input on the server at the hosting site. It was the ISP that turned it off to spare the rest […] Continue reading » THMS Store Name Change

The Hobbyist Machine Store

The Hobbyist Machine Store was attacked last week with a Denial of Service (DOS) by one hacker at one IP address. This lead to an overload of services on the server that I share with many other websites. As you you know from previous posts this is not the first time or the first website I manage that has been attacked like this.

My service provider was forced to shut down The Hobbyist Machine Store website for the sake of the other users. Of course this makes me upset with everyone including my service provider. It’s a case of I am guilty until I do something about it.

Well, I […] Continue reading » The Hobbyist Machine Store

No FUN, Breaking the Rules?

I broke my own business rule and decided to invest time and money into “me too” products in my The Hobbyist Machine Store. A “me too” product is a non proprietary item purchased at dealer discount and then offered for sale near the retail “street” price which is always less than the factory price.

The problem is I am just one of many other “dealers”, including the factory that sells the exact same product. So that makes me a “me too” dealer. Where is the “fun” in that?

If you have ever watched “The Shark Tank”, a TV program where very small businesses try to […] Continue reading » No FUN, Breaking the Rules?