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The Hobbyist Machine Store Blog

I created a new information blog for my eCommerce site, “The Hobbyist Machine Store” I am putting more effort in providing a small computer controlled machine tools (CNC) to my customers and I need a place separate from my personal web sites and blogs where I can concentrate on customer facing information.

I have tried to not be commercial in my existing sites including here in Rambling Dan but it is hard to walk that fine line. In the store blog it will be my full intent to promote and provide for the communication needs of the business.

The information shelves are a bit bare right now, but […] Continue reading » The Hobbyist Machine Store Blog

Little Fish – Big Sea

I intend to expand my E-Commerce business, The Hobbyist Machine Store . It has been in operation selling small machine tools since 2007 and I have enjoyed a small return in profits for the time spent. I decided it is time to take operation up a gear or two and become a more serious player with small CNC hobby type machines. I am not getting any younger and I need to stay with what I know.

I considered manufacturing my own products and accessories and I have built several prototypes. I then realized that the product liability, initial capital investment and cost of a product promotion effort to […] Continue reading » Little Fish – Big Sea

The New THMS Look, Bombed

In my last post I explained how I updated my The Hobbyist’s Machine Store website using WordPress and a plug in store software call WP e Commerce. The plugin is published by some blokes in New Zeland.

I was extremely pleased at how the new layout looked and spent considerable time in loading all the products into the web site. I spent some cash for the Gold update package. There were some quirks in getting the software set up properly and working with PayPal and the USPS postal website that does the shipping cost estimates.

I thought I had the kinks ironed out and switched the web site to full […] Continue reading » The New THMS Look, Bombed

A New Look for THMS

THMS is “The Hobbyist Machine Store”, an e-commerce website that I have operated for over six years. I offer replacement steel gears for a popular line of machine tools and also offer the complete line of Taig Tool micro-machine products.

I have used several e-commerce store software products. The first one was much too difficult to maintain and had some serious limitations. The second product has been my mainstay (X-Cart) actually designed and maintained by a Russian vendor. It has severed me for a long time.

One drawback to X-Cart was the multi-step checkout that was a bit confusing for many users. They were afraid to go too […] Continue reading » A New Look for THMS

Postal Change

Most US citizens probably haven’t noticed but there was a fairly insignificant change in the US Postage system. No change in normal rate, but the Feds revamped some of the classes of mail. Here is a paragraph I plagiarized from the website (where I do all my postal business).

On July 28th, 2013, the USPS will implement minor structural changes to their existing services. Postage rates will not be increasing for any existing service. The changes being made include the following:

Express Mail service will have its name changed to Priority Mail Express service Express Mail International service will have its name changed to Priority Mail […] Continue reading » Postal Change