Hello world!

Welcome to Ramblin’ Dan. This is my first post. Check the date and you can see this is fresh off the keyboard as the first entry. Please take the time, since you have come this far, to say hello too!

Join by registering below on the right and post a response to this message. This is an open site for all to read. Eventually discussions will fall into catagories such as family, friends, work, hobbies, and so forth. Not there yet.

A blog is intended to be more open and laid back than a BBS or Forum. I will be posting whatever strikes me as interesting. So can you, eventually. There will be ways (if it is not here now) to set up this system for others to make new posts. I will see how that goes. A big features of blogs is for them to link or relate to other blogs or anything interesting on the Internet.

This text is in XML or HTML. The cool thing is users don’t need to know anything about that stuff. Just write and the software does all the formatting. Give it a try. I am looking for your contribution!

Note! There is a delay before you can see what you post. I have to see and approve what you submit before it appears. That time delay depends on my schedule.