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I just spent two days at the Vectric Users meeting over by the DFW airport here in Dallas. Vectric produces several CNC designer products (I have them all) but their premiere product Aspire (especially) is the creatived software I use the most  to design and create the complex forms I machine with my HB2 router machine. The results are the Lithophanes, carved wood signs, 3-D sculptures and 2-D components I make on my machines.

I discovered I am fairly competent with the operation of the programs but no way near expert (yet) 🙂 The two day session shared a lot of information from the creators of the software to the 75+ software customers who were in attendance. The Vectric company is from England but is sold worldwide. We all had fun in contrasting the Texas drawl with the English accents of the presenters.

A bunch of folks including myself brought some of our creations for display. Everything was first class. It is exciting to see all the designs and techniques that can be employed in making these beautiful works of art and function.

The one thing I definitely noticed as I looked around the room was that the bulk of the attenders were over 50  and quite rotund around their middles. If there ever was a stereotype CNC woodcarver, I now have a vivid image. 🙂 Yeah, I guess I qualify too…

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