Big Shot

No rest for the wicked this weekend. A neighbor lady on our little lake community was given a surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday. I was assigned the job to do the videotaping. That is one of the hazards of having a prosumer Panasonic  video camera. The spouse will always volunteer you for community service. Ha!

I spent Saturday morning checking out all the gear and getting batteries charged and so forth. My large lithium battery just died at the worst time. I put a replacement on order. I do have a smaller one (the original battery actually) which I usually carry as the spare that will have to be placed into main battery duty. I have to wonder how long it will run. I spent most of Saturday morning running the battery down and recharging just to be sure.

I also have a FLIP video camera which is a remarkable little tool. I charged it up to full power so I could carry it as a backup. It actually does a very nice job with HD widescreen. The problem is that it is so small it is hard to hold steady. Also no one recognizes the user as a camera person taking a video. It could be very stealth.

Using big video cameras people duck and avoid getting in the shot. With the little camera they just walk right in front of the subject and block the shot. You get no respect using a FLIP. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield using it.

Late afternoon Saturday was the three hour party/shoot. I got exactly 30 minutes of video out of the one battery I had. The big one got more than an hour which is the length of the digital video tape. Lucky it was exactly enough time. The FLIP stayed in my pocket.

All of today has been spent with Adobe products, editing the video and burning a set of DVD’s for the birthday girl, I mean lady. The finished product looks good and I won’t discuss the errors in technique only I know are there. Everyone will be happy including me.