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Great Wreck II

Here is the result of the Great Wreck II that occurred at my office in Carrollton, TX (Dallas) last night. This first picture is my working space at TAC Americas. The bright window area is missing its glass which is laying all over my printers and lap top computers. This is at the second floor height. It must have happened about 4:00 AM

The second picture is the view form the outside. If you look close at the twisted (90 degrees) handicap parking sign, you can see the small LOGS that did the window damage.

The third picture shows the cottonwood tree (behind the wrecked car) that shed all the raw lumber. The really big piece did the number on this car. It is a rental that was left there over night. I wonder if Enterprise will understand?

The last picture is another view and you can see my window in the background. That was quite a flight for he mini-logs to do that much damage. I believe the straight line winds had to be over 100 MPH. There was lots of other damage in this area and all over Dallas.

I think I am getting use to these disasters. Or maybe it is just numb.

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