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THMS Store Name Change

I have determined I will have to spend a lot more time developing the new  store website to get it to where I want it to be. It’s not like I haven’t been planning this change-over carefully before the old store got caught up in DOS attacks. It has just happened a lot sooner than expected. The old website is again operational, and I have put it back on-line..

It WAS NOT damaged in any way so it will work as it has always worked. It was simply excessive outside input on the server at the hosting site. It was the ISP that turned it off to spare the rest of their users’ some grief.

The new  web site store will proceed with development with less pressure. There is a new URL that I will use that is the first cousin of this blog. It is “”, the commercial (com) use of the name Ramblin’ Dan. This blog is *.org. The web site store will be simply called Ramblin’ Dan’s Store like this one with indication that it is an eCommerce site. It will be presented as a store with one-to-many departments. The first department will be the tool contents of The Hobbyist Machine Store, featuring the small (Taig) machine tools. The second department will be what is left of the mini-gears.

Other departments will be developed as I find other items I wish to sell. I am considering offering items I am producing in my own workshop as well as anything else I think is of interest and I could sell. My intention is to dissolve the association of the restrictive word “hobby” from the store. Although it’s my market and I am an avid hobbyist, there is some stigma with the word “hobby” to the image of quality. It just gets no respect. I usually append the word “serious” before “hobby”.

Example: A “serious” hobbyist buys and uses “professional” equipment and tools, as hobby grade product always equates to toy, even if we all know that is usually not true. A person seeking a tattoo (if not falling down drunk) would pick a professional artist, rather than a hobbyist, even if it was a good hobbyist. A bad tattoo is bad forever.

I am not going to fight that restrictive impression. It is what it is, and it is and far better to stay within the rules and just avoid wrong impressions.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “…and now, the rest of the story”.

This is the reason I changed the name of “The Hobbyist’ Work Shop” blog to “Ramblin’ Dan’s Workshop”.  I have been moving up to this name change for awhile. I am writing about this as I want to be transparent about the change. My purpose is to broaden the market I can attract simply with a name change away from hobby impression.

The new name also plays well with my artistic intentions. I am not calling myself a professional artist. But if I label what I do as a hobby (even if true), could create the impression that what I do is somehow less than what a “real” artist would produce. It’s a fine line probably worth avoiding. Not all lines need to be crossed.

“…and now you know the rest of the story.”

Ramblin’ Dan

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