Ramblin’ Dan’s BBB & Schmear Sandwich

The BBB stands for Bacon, Baloney, Bagel and well, Schmear is Philly Cream Cheese. After a hard morning casting and polishing silver,  I realized it was after 1:00PM and I was a bit hungry. So I scouted around in the frig. I knew I was out of sandwich bread but there must be something I could substitute.

I spied two bagels looking awfully lonely in there.  In the meat drawer was equally lonely looking pre cooked bacon and a half package of really thick cut baloney. The kind with the red film still around the edge.

Some folks never heard of fried baloney, but let me tell you it is a fantastic sandwich. Only thing better would be to add… umm… BACON! Never tried it but no stopping a hungry man. Besides it was THERE.

I love plain old bagels with cream cheese (schmear) so a bagel is a great substitute for bread. Bagel is a form of bread isn’t it?

I toasted the bagel of course and added the cream cheese. Hey, it’s cheese isn’t it?

I fried the baloney as you can see in the pictures. You have to cut it half across as when it cooks it shrinks and will curl. The idea is to make it look like Pacman when fried. I had to cut it all the way across to fit the bagel.

The bacon was pre-cooked so I just dropped it in the pan to warm up AFTER I fried Pacman. I broke the bacon strip in half so it would fit the bagel. I used two full strips on the first sandwich but only had one strip for this example. One can not use too much bacon.

YOWSA! What a great tasting sandwich!  So good I photographed making the second one. Then devoured it like the first. Don’t knock it until you try it. YUM!