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Raspberry Pi Again

Raspberry Pi Model B

Raspberry Pi Model B

I posted on this little computer when I first acquired it in December 2012. Raspbery Pi was first released (model A) in January that year. The entire computer is contained on the single PC Board seen in the photograph. It is powering the full screen HD graphical display seen on the monitor.  The cost was $25.00 for the complete board. This one is called “Raspberry Pi” Model B and was released in October 2012.

The design has gone through several revisions more and the maker has just released a Pi “2” Model B version that features a quad core CPU running at 900Mhz. The one shown here is a single core 700Mhz CPU. (Model B, no “2”)

It is rumored a version of WIN 10 may soon be available for the RPi 2. The usual OS used is a version of Debian Linux especially designed for this processor.

I have order the new Pi 2 Model B so I can experiment with it. I also ordered an IO board so I can experiment with real world sensing and control. (Turning things on and off.) Not unlike the BMS (Building Management Systems) from which my career was based.

I’ll publish a first look review here after I receive the new baby.

I have seen the new Raspberry Pi 2  running a program called fldigi to decode PSK31 digital communications live on amateur radio. If (since) it can do that it can do a lot of computer real time operations in the radio station.

I am getting interested in microwave amateur radio operation and I am seriously thinking the new RPi P2 would make an excellent dedicated computer for amateur radio SHF use. Especially syncing the switching from transmit to receive and monitoring equipment temperatures, or even decoding digital transmissions.

So much to play with… and very low cost.

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