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Microwave First Step Again

htx-100I have now attended several meetings of the NTMS (North Texas Microwave Society) and paid some dues for membership. I started down this path way back in 2009. Where has the six years gone since I first started in this direction! Yipes!  There are posts here in RD back then when I first got interested.

Since then I obtained some ideas and leads on how to build my first microwave transverter. I reported 6 years ago I have a 28 MHz (10 meter) transceiver I can use for my base receiver/transmitter. From there I now intend to build a 144 MHz (2 meter) stage that converts from 10 to 2 meters. That’s as far as my vision extends at the moment.

From 2 meters all the microwave bands can be reached through additional conversion stages. Nothing to it right? Well, that’s the basic system but there can be a lot of ways to make those converter stages and then getting them working. Also another topic of antenna design and feeds is awaiting on the sidelines once I can make the RF energy at the proper frequency..

So my first project is to get the 10 to 2 meter conversion working. I am choosing some products that will get me there. I want to build everything I can, but there are some unusual (for me) design techniques when going through VHF, UHF and everything above. That’s what I like about this new voyage into the (for me) unknown.

I have some serious reading to do from now on, about the topic of microwaves and equipment construction. As I have said before, I like the construction more than operation. But that in no way implies that I don’t want to operate in these special bands.

So much to try so little time in one lifespan… I can’t afford to wait around. 🙂

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