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New WWW Home for W5EHS

Dan, W5EHS holding the brand new FT-60R

Dan, W5EHS holding the brand new FT-60R

I have ventured down a new path and have just added a new subject to my ever growing list of personal web sites. The URL on this latest presentation is, short and simple. That is the call sign for my amateur radio station license. For hams it also represents our persona as well as  station identification.

Until this creation, my amateur radio activities have been spread throughout all my blogs and web sites. They can be found with a tag search and sometimes a category search. Recently, as I reactivate and intensify this near 50 year involvement in the hobby, I realized how fragmented my previous presentation has been. A 50 year old hobby needs to have its own space, like my workshops.

Web publishing has become less expensive and more people are building personal websites. (FB doesn’t count!) I notice hundreds, if not ten times that, of websites with amateur radio call signs as the URL. Where have I been? I answered that question. I  added my own.

There is now a link in the left hand column of this website to W5EHS.

This new web site provides me a chance to experiment with new web site construction tools. So it will be constantly tweaked for some time as I experiment with the look and design. But it is content that makes it a presentation of my specific interests – beyond web site building. I will have various sections for radio construction as well as operations. Of course as being partly a blog, there will be a lot of my thoughts presented chronologically as I ramble down this path, like notes in a logbook diary.

Current high interest in amateur radio for me is microwave equipment and operation. It is a very challenging segment of amateur radio and involves what I like the most. 99 percent of the amateur microwave station is custom designed and hand built. I love building electronics.

Enough said here. If you like or just want to see what I am up to at W5EHS, there is a new place to go find out. – 73

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