Computer Monitor

B286HKI replaced my deceased monitor with a new state-of-the-art Acer B286HK high definition wide screen. It is a 28 inch diagonal UHD 4K2K type with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. That’s a lot of pixels!

The monitor is the lowest cost 4K monitor I could find on today’s market. I actually found it on sale at a local Micro Center computer store in Dallas at $120 less than I could find it on any of the internet suppliers. It was a limited time price so I had to act before the sale was over. I had three days remaining.

I am completely satisfied with my choice for all the right reasons. I can only ask that it last the ten years that my old monitor served me.

Windows 10 is the reason I can use this high of a resolution computer monitor. My old video card was not capable of supporting this high resolution as it did not have what is now known as a “display port” output. Windows 10 told me it could not be installed on my old computer until I upgraded the video system card. So I did.

As it now turns out I have a very nice high resolution computer system. I have and see a lot of information all at the same time. The print is a bit smaller, but that is adjustable. Graphics are mind blowing. A very nice visual improvement.

All my existing software has no problem with the new window size.


Looks like it belongs there.