A Spin on Fast Time

Fast Time

Fast Time

What’s wrong with our scientific community these days? They have become so wrapped up in wild theory and supposition, none of the “what if” troops are paying any attention to the real stuff. You know, the things that affect human life today.

For me it is Fast Time. At least that is what I call it.

In an age where EVERY storm with a thunder clap in it is reported as severe, I have become numb to caring about minor things like climate change. It’s going to happen. It always does. Let’s get real. Too much time spent on that. Its obvious it it changing faster because time is now faster. Duh?

Another example. If our sun explodes in a billion years, so what. Understanding that my be interesting science but is totally worthless information. Really it is. Interesting doesn’t make it important. Actually it is a bit of trivia just to stretch the mind. Nothing else. Even with fast time, I don’t think it is in my future.

So time is speeding up. I know that for an experienced fact. When I was a kid a day lasted forever. Now it is gone in a flash. Maybe it is connected to the weather… the flash and all…

The years are rolling by faster than I can count. I have to check the computer screen to see what year it says. Right now it says 2016 but that could change say… tomorrow. I’ll check then to be sure.

I don’t see or read about any of our scientific efforts fixing that problem. Maybe because it hasn’t been funded by a government grant. I bet if it was, they would solve the problem. Public money gets spent on a lot of theory stuff like Superconducting Super Colliders. (SSC) Yeah, but we need one (or more) of those. The USA got it right when they abandoned funding on theirs in Texas.They tried to make science a world competition of how much money could be buried in the ground south of Dallas, TX. That was 25 years ago.

But Higgs Bosons are important stuff compared to the alternate world of Bozons (clown particles). Actually, I think there may be a depletion in the number Fermions in the universe which fundamentally have less spin. But then. what do I know… only what I read. This link to SPIN will explain everything. (heh-heh)

Hmm… maybe it was messing with one of those Quantum Particle things that has sped up time? You know, created a time warp. Time is fundamentally based on spin. The Boson/Fermion balance that we humans perhaps messed up running the CERN version of the SSC.

At least CERN rightfully claims to have invented the World Wide Web (WWW), rather than the political Bozon, Al Gore. His exact words are, “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.

Wow, there has been a lot of spin coming off that statement. I am getting dizzy with excess spin. Spin is affecting everything, especially time.

No doubt he WWW has been a major factor in speeding up communication. It was designed to do just that. My thanks to Al.

Well anyway, it is clear to me that time is speeding up so we have to do something about it. Probably turning off all forms of electric in the world would do it. I’ll vote for that. Also no burning of fossil fuels. Use nothing but natural daylight. Night will be night. Probably will fix the weather too.

I bet that will go a long way to slowing time. At least make it FEEL slower, My computer screen will stop working, reporting what year it is. I’ll stop caring and not need to write warnings like this.

But then, who listens to me…