Terms and Conditions

tcI had a customer complain to me because I sent him his order with signature required. He was upset because he would have to go to the post office to sign for the parts. I can understand his dismay. It is a royal PITA when what you expect is to just have it arrive.

I had a terms and conditions page that said I would ship with this requirement whenever possible. But somewhere along the way of updates it got deleted. I don’t order from my own store so I wasn’t aware. He was the first person in many years to complain about the signature.

Well, I found the T&C page and it is back in place.

Two reason force me to make a signature a standard policy.

First I use PayPal which has a buyer and a seller protection plan. It’s not insurance. If a package isn’t received by the sender and the sender complains to PayPal, PayPal freezes the amount in my PayPal account until I can prove I sent the order and it was received.

The first time it happened is was a $300 order. The USPS had a delivery confirmation but not a signature. I lost $300 because PayPal refunded his money. I told the customer and he said the package was taken from his porch and he didn’t know I would have to take the loss. He thought it was covered by insurance. He paid me the money back and I shipped a replacement at cost. That honesty doesn’t happen every day. We became and still are friends. (True story, I swear.)

The actual postal insurance clearly states insurance does not cover theft after delivery. It is only good for loss in transit by the postal service. SO PROVING IT ARRIVED CANCELS THE INSURANCE!!!

Second, it happened again and from that point on all my shipments must have insurance and signature requirements when available.

It’s a fact of life today here in the USA that the delivery trucks are being followed and packages scooped up off of porches in a mater of minutes after delivery. Well, no more on my watch.

I use the US Postal Service which makes it a federal offence to steal mail. I have seen a lot of the thefts caught on video and shown on the TV news, but I can not remember even one case where someone was prosecuted. If they are then it mustn’t be news worthy.

A week ago a customer said his credit card was fraudulently used to place an order with my store. PayPal had verified the payment as OK to ship. But PayPal froze that amount until I could prove, with a verified delivery and a signature, that I had shipped the item. I could because of my signature required policy but my money was still tied up for a week because of the process.

I don’t pay for any of this. In a business the customer does.