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Ramblin’ Dan’s Store On the Move

After a nice run in the cloud with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Ramblin’ Dan’s Store (RDS) is moving to a new host and new store software. The monthly fees, although low by cloud based standards, were a burden in the overhead costs. That’s the primary reason. Also the commercial based store software required a good bit of maintenance or at least the creators did their best to make it look that way.

The store did work well enough and the look of it was professional. The store is going back onto a shared server environment. With the low volume of RDS the difference in performance will not be evident.

The changeover is immediate as the AWS system suddenly starting to report that it was being hacked and perhaps spoofed. Logging into the administrator section wasn’t even possible. This error has not occurred before. I decided I wasn’t going to deal with AWS and its complexities. I am sure anything on AWS is a prime target for the international hackers.

This attack has forced the change. I was going to wait a bit longer but not now. The store will be rebuilt from scratch on a new platform, so there will be time involved to get back up to speed and all bugs squashed. Please bear with the conversion and down time. Wish me a least a little luck. 🙂

1 comment to Ramblin’ Dan’s Store On the Move

  • Dan'l

    The store is now running just fine in its new home. All systems are functioning. All the store items are loaded as well as a few new ones I discovered Taig has added to their accessories. Taig has some new machines too. Still deciding if I should list their new CNC lathe. It’s cool, but needs a lot of room (depth) for the mill bed serving as the carriage/tool post holder. Also the design does not permit a tail post. I suppose most CNC lathe work is short and done right at the collet or chuck. No long work possible.

    First priority is getting RDS running and that has been accomplished! Yea!