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Sign of the Times

I had to spend some of my hard-earned retirement funds on a new doorbell button. It’s a bit more than a button. It is the “Ring” video monitor doorbell button.

Halloween is here, and it will be fun capturing the visitors, but that is not the reason I made the investment. We are in an age of front door delivery. A lot of services leave packages at the door. Some ring the bell and some just drop and run. A few will knock. There is no consistency, not even with the same carrier.

Amazon and UPS are the better, as I usually get an almost instant text message. Sometimes a few moments BEFORE they are at the door.

Now EVERY delivery will be video recorded.

Nothing I know of, has ever been taken (yet). The surveillance won’t stop a thief, but it may identify the person. That’s better than nothing. Some may recognize the Ring camera, and that could be a deterrent.

 This summer I had a small gang of neighborhood kiddies stop out front while one of them made a dash up to the porch. I think he was going to steal some of the porch decorations my wife has out, to impress the gang. I suddenly opened the door and I think he almost wet himself.

He didn’t know my office window is two feet from the front door.

The problem is I am not always in my office. In my opinion, the intense media coverage of porch theft encourages this sort of juvenile action. Monkey see, monkey do, a catch 22 when making porch theft a media event. I never see a message of them being caught. Just an example of how easy it is to get away. Tisk

My plan is to do what I can to help identify the problem people.

I have a “No Solicitors” sign at my front door. I have seen it turn many of those folks away. I now have video proof of the few I have to tell, “Read and heed the sign.” Little kid girl scouts with cookies are granted an exception.

I live in the 21st century and live with the technology of spy cameras watching everything, everywhere. Eyewitnesses are terribly inaccurate and not concise, but the ubiquitous video eye remembers every detail.  A sign of our time.

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