Feel the Love

I enjoy exploring new challenges. They permit me to stray from a hard and true single-minded repetitive process. I am OK with that, because mostly… what I do, is what I enjoy.

I glance at the road around and behind me from time to time. Sometimes I see people following where I am headed. They are the “fans” who love whatever I make.

Occasionally there is no one there. I made a change to a road less travelled when no one is watching. This time it was the road to the mountain of new knowledge and skills.

I have a little moto, that keeps me on track while doing what I love. It explains the presence of those who follow me on my journey. It says, “Do what you love for those who love what you do.

I have that moto posted on my DimensionalArt.org website. It’s a reminder of my goal when I wander too far off on less traveled roads. It puts me back on the main track.

Occasionally, I do my own thing for my own selfish enjoyment. It’s good to explore for a while. It brings new ideas and skills to my game.

But, true enjoyment of making comes to me from the people with whom I share what I do. It’s that human trait of “showing off” to others that stokes my creative fire. It makes me feel warm and cozy inside. The warm feeling is the sharing of what I love with others.

In this stage of my life, creating something people admire, want to have, and own is the reward for my continued existence. My family is grown and on their own. My professional career is in retirement. I have the time I need.

I don’t make things to add to my own collection. My desire is to pass my creations to someone who feels the spirit contained within. That spirit of love is returned by the new owner’s desire for my work. To love my work is an honor I appreciate.

My research has shown that people prefer handmade to factory made when a special-made item conveys a sense of personal human creative involvement. The human spirit is a part of the hand-crafted item. The mass-produced factory item has no soul.

I just cleaned off the debris of temporary neglect from my jeweler’s workbench, making room for my new skills. The road to developing new creative methods is not always clear. I spent needed time off the main track, wandering slowly through a few misty clouds on the high road of learning. But the old ways are not lost or abandoned. I saw a silver lining while in those clouds. So, I am back in the bright sun on the main road again, eager to again be productive. Enjoying doing what other people love.