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All Keyed Up

I have done some research on wireless keyboards. The NUC computer has Bluetooth (BT) built in. But there are two major types and one minor type of wireless keyboards. The BT and the 2.4 GHz (using a USB dongle) are the most prevalent. There is another for gamers that uses a light wave transceiver. It’s hyped to be the best wireless for gamers who get to pay 2x to 3x for everything.

My focus is on the BT and 2.4 GHz systems. I am not intending to be 30 feet away from the computer to use the keyboard. Range is not a factor. Lag and dropouts are factors of concern.

User reports are always so much BS, they are never dependable research. Of course, the manufacturer is not going to point out issues. The best reports (but can still have some “spin”) are reviews by high level magazines. I have noticed in the 2.4 GHz USB dongle systems the manufacturer (Logitech) always claim “no dropouts” which is never a feature mentioned in Bluetooth items.

I don’t see any critical difference between BT and 2.4GHz especially for home or private office use at close range. I think either would be a good choice in my application. BT allows pairing between many devices including cell phones and key-less note pads that almost all have Bluetooth built in. the 2.4GHz requires an available USB port.

My favorite brand is Logitech. They make some dual band keyboards with both BT and 2.4GHz. There are several dual band mouses (mice) in their product line.

I don’t have a rule that I only need one keyboard. A BT board will be nice to have around for any Bluetooth device. The 2.4MHz and USB dongle may be more secure or have the features I want, not available with BT.

My choice has been made. I ordered a Logitech K800 wireless 2.4 Mhz back-lighted full size keyboard and a dual band (BT and 2.4 MHz) Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse. A K810 Bluetooth keyboard could be added later. It’s a nice compact design but no numeric or homing keys. It is back-lighted and that is a “must have” in my specs.

All of these (3) devices are rechargeable. That may seem contrary to them being wireless. To me that is not an issue. I have a 7 port USB 3.0 powered extender module that includes two built in charging ports. Perfect for keeping the human interface devices fully charged and at the ready.

Proof of this choice as perfect for me is yet to be determined. But I will be talking more about these devices.

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