Spelling and Saving

I generally use MS Word to compose blogs and other documents. That’s because I have it.

I also have MS WordPad which is free and a part of then WIN10 OS package. The problem for my general use of WordPad is that it does not include a spellchecker. I only use WordPad to read programming or system text files that contain simple formatting. Because text files for programming contain many unusual words and abbreviations, a spell checker can be very annoying. WordPad is perfect for that use.

A spell checker makes me feel secure as I am not publishing simple spelling errors. That’s a crutch, I know. I don’t make a lot of errors, but I don’t like to see any misspelling in what I publish. A spellchecker also catches “fat finger” mistake as I am not a perfect typist. So, I like to have a spell checker looking after me.

Writing directly in a live website is a very dangerous activity. Many times, I have composed a long reply while online and have totally lost all my effort. My website back-ends have a timeout of perhaps 15 minutes or so. Simply typing on the computer is a local operation and does not reset the timer on the website. Occasional saves will prevent timeout if I remember to do a save.

Entering text using a web browser, in my case, provides a spell checker. It is built into the browser. I am motivated to use live on-line entry for short replies and text entry. Websites are designed for that. But sometimes I get more involved with what I am saying and forget the time limit or remembering to do a save. I break the golden rule of computing, that is to consistently save my work.

I hit save and all my hard work disappears. I am presented with a log-in screen. It’s enough to make a grown man cry…