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Intel NUC Blower Replacement

Let’s not hurl brickbats trying to define if this component is a fan or a blower. Technically it is a reverse curve centripetal blower but what difference does it make if we call it a fan or a blower. Perhaps air moving device. But that is so clumsy… Ha!

The problem is that the original device started making an extremely loud buzzing vibration sound. It couldn’t run up to full speed and the computer was overheating quite a bit. I took the NUC computer apart, so I could see the style of the blower. Tweaking on the blower case I was able to get rid of most of the loud sound. But it was certain the blower needed replaced.

The blower part is under warranty, but the exchange process is so laborious, I decided the best process for me is to just purchase a new blower and get it done. Two days I had a new part from

I am posting a picture series here to show the process. This is probably not something everyone should do, but I know my way around electronics and computer parts very well.

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