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Logitech Keyboards

Today is the day I gave the NUC computer keyboard the desirable lower pull-out tray location. It is the lowest and most comfortable keyboard location in my home office. The NUC uses a K800 Logitech wireless keyboard and MX Anywhere 25 mouse so the clutter of the wires on the pull out is gone.

Ironsides (the older, original office Windows computer) uses a wired K740 Logitech keyboard and is now located on the desk surface above the pull-out tray. Still easy access but a bit less comfortable user position. I can move it back and have some front edge desk access.

Ironsides is alive and well and with its high-power video system, still a great asset for CAD and other video intensive use. The NUC uses far less power and produces far less heat than Ironsides. The NUC is also much quieter. I really like using it. The NUC is that tiny box underneath the SanDisk package card.

The wireless keyboard is ever bit as good and has a very similar “feel” to the K740. The older keyboard had a “rubbery” coating on the bottom which as can be seen has worn away from years of use or abuse. The coating was OK when new, but I never considered it an important feature. I became addicted to the “feel” of the keyboard keys. Nothing lost there, with the new keyboard.

I think this computer operating position looks a bit like a double keyboard organ console. I wonder if I can multi task with this set-up?

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