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Abusive User Reports

There are a lot of trolls and grinches is the world of consumer user reports. Also, some ignorant users who have no qualms about revealing their ignorance because they have no clue how ignorant they are. The concept of finesse in using a product or tool escapes them. Their world is “plug and play”. Problems or failure is never their own. Blame always belongs to the product or maker. They enjoy a sense of “empowerment” to cast a minority negative vote on a generally good product.

In some cases, negative user reports are attempted user blackmail against the seller. “Do what I ask, or I will hurt your business…”

That’s my rant. Rant somewhat over.

My solution is to accept these people as a fact of life. A verified purchaser is not an indication of a qualified person. It is a step towards filtering out fakers and competitive lies, but no guarantee of that.

Knocking off stars is a hobby activity for some people. Some reports are laughable and a form of entertainment. I am sure they are written to be deliberately stupid sounding. “I bought a 6-inch extension widget, but it doesn’t fit my 4-inch task. Minus 2 stars…” Whatt!!!??

I scan the negative “user reports” if there are a lot of them. If only a few, they simply don’t count at all. A large number (hundreds) of reports with a considerable number of negatives are rare. Negative user reports do have an effect on purchases. Truly bad products generally don’t gather a large number of reports. The system does work, but caries the burden of the abuser.

I have given my share of bad or negative user reports. Some product problems do present a legitimate need to be reported. Poor quality of manufacturing or misleading product information as examples.

The difference is between a “product report” and a “user experience report”. They are not the same thing. The readers task is to decide which type has been presented.

“I bought the “QRZ 3-D printer”. “I have had it for three days and nothing will print”. “I rate it 1 star.” “Don’t waste your money like I did…”

Uh… dude. That’s the best professional printer available. Could it be that you are not a “qualified” user?  It’s definitely your experience, but it is not indicative of a bad product.

I will always wonder why these people are willing to put this sort of admission into print. They exist. It’s a form of attack on “the system”. The two-year-old breaks a toy and starts throwing a frustration tantrum to get what is wanted from the parent. Transfer the problem to someone else.

In 1909 Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase, “The customer is always right”. That’s the farthest thing from the truth and is not the ongoing standard of really good customer service. Bad (bully) customers exist and attempt to use this phrase as their excuse in abusing the customer satisfaction system. It’s never been a law. It’s simply a 110-year-old, non-realistic, marketing slogan. The fact is, private business by law, has the right to not provide a service or do business, if it is not a defined discrimination (such as racial reasons).

The abusive demanding customers with groundless claims, are often and willingly referred to the competition. No business really needs or wants a chronic complainer. The best solution is doing what they usually threaten. Going to the “other guy”. Mutual respect solves more problems than outrageous demands.

Abusers clearly visible within the “user reports” system, also garner no respect or fear with their false or unrealistic expectations. Just part of the “spam” in today’s instant and open communication age. Best ignored and left to their personal misery.

Some sellers post a counter-offer with a willingness to help, which is usually end-of-story.

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