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The Apple MiniMAC computer has become my go-to first choice for my daily computer needs. It is equal for the tasks to any of my other machines except OS specific apps. I haven’t abandoned the Linux or WIN10 OS systems.

There have been a few quirks and I did suffer from an invasive trojan virus. So, the macOS is not bullet proof.  Firewalls are up and the fort is again secure. Just have to practice safe Internet access.

The folks at Apple are not shy about overcharging buyers for memory needs. Both RAM and SSD are grossly overpriced buying from Apple. The SSD in the MACmini is soldered in, so size of the hard drive must be decided and price paid at time of purchase.

The RAM is replaceable (upgradeable) but there is a warning that it is not owner serviceable. That is not true. But it is hazardous to the computer internal components for the non-technical and inept owner to attempt the job. They just don’t want to tell 90% of their users that self-upgrades are beyond their abilities.

I did the research and decided I would buy the minimum 8GB RAM on the initial purchase and upgrade later if I wanted. The reality is, the 8MB is entirely adequate for everything I do with the MAC mini. But…

Just because I can, I have decided to up the RAM in the MAC mini to 32GB, just because I can. My Intel NUC has 32GB. I want the MACmini to be it’s equal (in RAM). That much memory (with shipping) is around $155.00 from Crucial. I think I am capable of the computer surgery to get it installed.

Both the NUC and the MACmini are capable of 64GB RAM, but I know I have no possible need for that amount. Money truly wasted.

Ironsides and Sandbox (my other two PC’s) are at 8GB RAM and like the MACmini, that is entirely adequate. No plans to ever increase RAM for them.

My experience is that 2 GB is the absolute minimum for 64 Bit (todays) PC’s. I recommend 4GB minimum for adequate performance. 8GB is the best all around, multi-task, home and office RAM. The 16GB, 32GB, 64GB are excessive amounts. Except for special needs, very large data processing tasks and those few users having the software with which to take advantage of the large RAM. Mostly processing large graphic files.

Honestly, an Intel NUC or MACmini are not deployed for work station tasks such as those above.  I am not letting that stop me. It harms no-one except my available cash, to stuff 32 GB RAM into my MACmini or Intel NUC.

My original (THE original) MAC came with 128KB RAM. I increased it to 500KB and it was then called a “fat” MAC. My newest MACmini will soon become my second “fat” MAC.

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  • Daniel Kautz

    August 1, 2019 — My MACmini officially became a 32GB FATMACmini. The memory swap (using the proper tools) went well, as expected with no issues. ~Dan