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Carlson Aircraft Website

Picked up an old webmaster job for a website I originally created and managed for a few years. The business, Carlson Aircraft Inc. was created by Ernie and Mary Carlson. I eventually transferred website management to a new owner, Jeff Earnest (Mary’s son) and hadn’t touched it for years.

It’s not a secure SSL (https://) URL and it DOES NOT collect or send personal or private information. It doesn’t NEED to be secure. Present day web browsers like to complain and warn about non-SSL websites, but there is nothing to fear. It is what is called a “display” site.

The original website was created using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and was very clean and lightweight. After 20 years it was still running with original code. That says something about ancient technology.

I just converted the entire site to the newer Content Management System (CMS) format with WordPress. CMS requires thousands of files and requires a separate database server for operation. Life just gets more complicated. The same type CMS that operates this website.

The website content information is exactly the same as contained in the old version, but the look has changed a bit. The idea is that by updating to present website technology, any future sysop/webmaster will find the website easier to manage. It also improves the site presentation.

There was a lot of old clutter in the form of un-needed and un-used files in the old website directory. Now it is spic and span and as lightweight as a CMS website can be.

The company Carlson Aircraft Inc. is located in East Palestine, OH. I worked with the owners for a couple of years, traveling to airshows (for display and marketing the aircraft) and helping in the Carlson shop when I could. I was building one of the Sparrow ultralights. I considered entering the light aircraft business with the Carlson’s on the marketing effort.

That’s when I convinced Mary and Ernie the Carlson Aircraft needed a web presence. Then created the first and still present website URL and content. That’s why I got it handed back to me after 20 years.

I never entered into the aircraft business with Carlson Aircraft for reasons and life choices I won’t get into, but I never lost interest or the close relationship. One thing I can continue to do now for Mary, is manage the business website.

I have spent a few days in the rebuild and I am happy I can again help. Mary is now alone in the business and in her 90’s, but still active.  It certainly is not a full-time chore for ME to keep a website operational and like I said, for someone (anyone) who knows what to do. Webmaster is just not one of Mary’s many skill sets.

Take a look at the URL link in the first paragraph. This site will be a constant work in process as the business adjusts to what Mary can handle. The aircraft shown on the lead page are up for sale. I will be publishing more about them.

The Carlson Aircraft business and airport property are all on the market. Orders continue coming in for construction supplies. The business is still active and sustaining, and the prime reason for the website update.

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