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Moved Again!

I have posted on this before. (I have used this picture before, about a year ago…) Not wanting this to be a re-occurring theme. I had to switch web-hosting services again. Web hosts are service companies that provide access to the internet.

Moving 20 (some) websites and many with a necessary separate database (WordPress and Joomla for example) is a major effort. This is at least the fifth time I have made a major move. The last three in just the last several years. Enter “move” in search box at top of page.

I have some critical websites on AWS (Amazon Web Service) “cloud” private servers. They have been stable but are more intensive to maintain. My less critical blogsites are hosted on shared servers provided by Web hosting services. Very easy to maintain.

The problem with the hosting sites is that they have perhaps hundreds of websites on one host server. Problems with one site can possible affect another. Problems are rare, but shared servers are not recommended for critical business needs.

MY last host (I will not identify here) just suffered a 30+ hour continuous shutdown failure. Total loss of contact with my 20+ websites and all email services. Totally unacceptable. But this is no vendetta.

The broken system was restored but now with extremely slow server access response both with the user front end and worse accessing the webmaster back end access (control services). It was clear to me they do not have and duplicity (multiple server sites) to backup such equipment failure. The new slower response is not a good sign of a total fix.

Understandable, in view of the low cost of leasing such shared server space. But today there are many choices and far better service to be found. I think I have found one. Also at 1/3 the annual cost!

The new host has not had time to prove its worth, but initial impression is outstanding. Far better user (what you see now) experience than I have seen from my other hosts. Will it continue?

No promotion from me. I will share privately if asked. I may recommend, if what I see now continues and remains reliable.

I certainly don’t like to make such major moves. The process is straightforward, but a lot of details. It’s this complexity that many services providers hope will keep existing clients from moving. It doesn’t stop me…. Ha!

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