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Barbarian Tweets

CONAN the Complainer

I am constantly amazed by the lack of language literacy from the people whom represent many of the complainers posting negative user reports and user forum comments. They often struggle to put two words together in a logical sequence. Much like a barbarian tweeting.

But then, one does not need to be literate in English to complain.

Some are obviously struggling with English because it is not their native language. English is definitely tough to master. I don’t fault those who try to communicate in a second language.

What I can see is that many of the poor writers are also the most eager to express blame for self-induced product issues to public exposure. (Perhaps their moment of fame?) Comprehension of complex systems and operations such as 3D printers and printing, requires considerable literacy in reading and following guides and instructions. This requires long and complex learning processes.

If one has not a good mastery of the language, then instructions are not of much value. Some instructions I have seen are also very poorly written. Not all instructional material is first class.

Communication in language and expression of thought is a very critical factor for every professional to master. The proper term is “literacy”, the ability to read and write is the simple definition. A “person of letters” is the archaic variation for literacy and intellect.

The difference between a tribe and a society is the level of literacy and intelligence between the two. The “tribes” of barbarians and the “society” of Romans.

The barbarians are known for their fighting and conquests and not for their poetry or written records. It’s the literates (Romans and Greeks) who wrote about the barbarians.

It seems to me it’s the barbarians who have discovered the forums and user reports.  To proclaim in few words the dissatisfaction with things they don’t fully understand or have obtained without concern for the learning effort required to master or become qualified to own, operate, and maintain.

“I got me one them 3D thingies but it do not do nothing but plug up!”

Yeah, Conan… It does require a bit of skill and technique. Can’t hit a nail with a hammer? Yep, it’s probably a bad hammer. Did you buy some nails? Ha! You own a really big hammer, now everything looks like a nail??

The point is I judge the degree of competency by the writer’s ability to communicate. It is the only measure I have for judgement. A negative barbaric style user rant is a bully, blaming everyone and everything except himself.

These personalities will always exist. They have the right to complain. I judge their validity by how they communicate.

Writing is an art. Much like traditional written music. It requires practice and many mistakes. It was once one of the big three. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. All now in decline or perhaps considered “optional”.

Text messaging and tweets are not writing. They provide communication but in the poorest of style and grammar. Not a proud achievement or indication of education.

Have a valid complaint? Show me a grasp of the problem and the maturity and skill to explain in decent writing. Poor communication skills may make one appear a barbarian, rightly or wrongly.


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